Speck Mellencamp Faces Battery Charges After Brutal Beating

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Speck Mellencamp, along with his brother Hud, will face battery charges after the brutal beating of a 19-year old at a party last month.

The brothers--sons of singer John Mellencamp--allegedly returned to a party in Bloomington, Indiana after a confrontation to seek revenge, but got the wrong guy. Victim Alex Bucy, who hadn't even been at the party earlier that night and had just returned home, was sitting on his front porch when the brothers and Ty Smith--son of IU's baseball coach Tracy Smith--descended upon him and began beating him ruthlessly in the face.

"He was just out there, minding his own business and they just all three came up and started attacking him," said the victim's roommate, Chris Cain. "Alex was in defense mode pretty much the whole time and then all three of them were basically passing him around while he was sitting on the couch, just punching and kicking him. They all three just started attacking him, throwing punches. His head was just being tossed around like a punching bag. I mean both cheeks were just sliced open bleeding. His cheeks were swollen shut. His eyes - he could barely see. Then Speck actually tackled him off the top of the stairs (onto the sidewalk below) onto his back with him on top of him punching him."

Bucy reportedly suffered so much damage to his face that he'll have to see a plastic surgeon. Ty Smith turned himself in to authorities on Thursday, while Speck turned himself in on Friday morning and has already been released on bond. Hud is expected to turn himself in, as well.

It's not clear what the penalty will be for the boys, but fighting comes naturally to the Mellencamp family; Hud is an amateur boxing champion and Speck and his dad are reported to have let their fists do the talking for them at least once. The patriarch appeared on "The Late Show With David Letterman" earlier this year with a black eye, saying, “My son and I had words, and he got a punch in and I didn’t.”

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