Speaker Pelosi Queries Yahoo Answers

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Yahoo’s efforts at heightening awareness of global warming has drawn a question from a very high-profile person for the Yahoo Answers audience.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has become the latest celebrity participant in Yahoo Answers. The Internet company’s ‘Be A Better Planet’ campaign marks Yahoo’s search for the greenest city in America.

As part of the promotional effort for the campaign, Yahoo has several activities planned. One of them builds on the wildly popular Yahoo Answers, and features a question from Speaker Pelosi: ‘Congress is working on legislation to address global warming – what would you like to see included?’

At press time, 15,231 answers had been posted by Yahoo users in response. Participants who have their answer picked as a

Speaker Pelosi Queries Yahoo Answers
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  • Frank Collette

    Right, you are for global warming and you want a bigger jet. You make me sick and Mark Levin has you pegged perfect. You are worthless.

  • Rami Wissa

    if everybody is doing it, why can’t we ?!

    • rcompana

      That’ just it, not everyone is doing it. Only socialist run countries are and they are using Global Warming as a tool to fleece thier own people.

  • Dave Munson

    I just have to wonder why it is never mentioned that while Earth is going through a warming trend Mars is also going through this same trend at the same time.

    Is it from ignorance or is there an agenda behind this omission of the facts?

    While it is true that we are causing too much pollution it is not the cause of global warming.
    If it where then how do we explain Mars?
    Are we effecting Mars also?

    The simple answer is that no we are not causing Global warming.
    We are causing Asma bronchitis and respiratory problems but not Global warming.
    The sun’s activity is causing that.

    Mars is the proof.

  • Pearl Johnson

    Everyone believes that most media is propaganda if it is not agreeable with
    one’s own life experiences.

    This is not a debate that can be won by Nancy, you, or me. The fact is
    that we will all win or lose together. Remember, nothing is good to the
    extreme whether it be temperature or chocolate cake.

    Certainly, some facts are absolute (e.g. temperature can be measured), but
    what is the absolute reason for the change in temperature, nature and/or

    That is debatable among more esteemed scientists than any layman could hope
    to be. So, the argument is not really ours to make unless we are doing
    original research. But then, the framework and hypothesis of that research
    may be slanted or at least subject to debate by another scientist.

    Otherwise, your only source is that found in the public domain. Most will
    not have the time or training to effectively research all sources. That is
    even difficult in politics.

    One thing is certain, as illustrated daily by information in the public domain,
    the economies of developing countries will continue to grow. Those growth
    rates can only be sustained by massive energy usage. That is the primary
    reason that the USA has become the industrialized power of the world. That
    is exactly why we consume so much energy.

    Fortunately, or unfortunately, the cheapest and most abundant source of
    energy is still fossil fuel. Socio-economically slanted countries like
    China and India with massive populations are not likely to stop their
    industrial machines while waiting for alternative energies. Their energy
    usage rates will continue to outstrip that of the United States as they
    become more industrialized. They will pursue sources other than fossil
    fuel, notably nuclear, to sustain their power grid. However, their
    populations are more than large enough to consume any vestige of fossil fuel
    that we in the USA relinquish.

    For that reason alone, it is in the best interest of the United States to
    pursue alternative forms of energy. As always, it primarily falls to a free
    society to unleash ingenuity. Albert Einstein said, “Everything that is
    really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in

    If United States energy needs become totally captive to foreign powers, then
    freedom will no longer exist. Thankfully, we have individuals in this
    country with the opportunity for free thought, and we have abundant
    resources for alternative energy that could be used to meet some of our
    needs. However, current science dictates that only fossil fuels can fulfill
    the majority of our energy and lifestyle needs for the next couple of
    generations at least.

    In the meantime, most everyone is a hypocrite. What human being does not
    want a cleaner environment or a breath of fresh air? Yet, we all continue
    to drive cars (today made primarily from plastics to reduce the weight and
    energy cost) in lieu of mass transportation, live in housing that is
    primarily composed of petroleum products (e.g. insulation, paint, wallpaper
    adhesive, carpet, bedclothes, furniture finishes, etc), wear clothing
    fabricated from nylon, rayon, polyester, and elastomers, drive or walk on
    streets layered with asphalt, ingest medicines derived from petroleum
    liquids (e.g. analgesics, antihistamines, antibiotics, antibacterials,
    sedatives, and tranquillizers are derived from phenol, acids, anhydrides,
    alkanolamines, and aldehydes), employ plastics in virtually every component
    of our lives (e.g. health, home, business, and entertainment), and the list
    goes on and on. There is virtually little in our lives that can function
    without the current aid of fossil fuels.

    Let me further illustrate this point. Every year at the New Mexico Oil &
    Gas Association meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico there is an environmental
    protest. However, those well meaning folks are energy illiterate like most
    of us. They drive their cars to the protest: they are wearing clothing made
    from petroleum fibers: they are walking on streets constructed with asphalt;
    they are carrying signs made with petroleum products, drinking water from plastic bottles, and the majority are
    returning home to a habitat overflowing with a fossil fuel lifestyle. If
    they rode bicycles, even those are comprised of fossil fuel components. In
    other words a truly committed protester will find it extremely difficult to
    make an unambiguous statement.

    That is why I support the Energy Literacy Project (www.energy-literacy.org)
    for primary and secondary education. Since we spend the majority of our incomes on energy or energy related products, it is imperative that we develop as better informed consumers. It is too late for most adults, but we must teach future generations the 3Es, namely the interrelationship of energy, economics, and the environment.

    The study of energy encompasses a great range of sciences, and its practical importance to our lives could make it the best vehicle to encourage growth and interest among our youth in math & science. Certainly, as a citizen of this country and this planet, it is one thing to take a stand, but it is always better to know where you are standing.

  • Jon Crowe

    Spend more time on more important issues, especially when there is strong evidence that Earth is just in a natural cycle. In the mean time, I am sure our technologies and free markets will begin reducing pollution on their own.

  • Paula F.

    Those who preach to cut back on this or that, and to be more responsible in caring for our environment, should also, live entirely by that same preaching. It seems that those who preach this responsibility are only talking the talk, AND NOT walking the walk!

    If you look at those who really get ahead in life, and desire much power over others, they seem to do a lot of preaching, but not actual living by what they preach. It is very evident by their very examples of their lives. So, just because these “powerful” people, whose names are household words, preach what they preach, does not mean the rest of us have to follow them. Their words mean nothing, and we do not need any more legislation on “global warming” because there is also “global cooling.” The earth does have temperature change cycles, and some are longer than others. There are reports that even Mars has global warming and no humans live there. Antarctica is undergoing a melt, but it is that seasonal change and time for that.

    Why are we humans always to blame for everything? Government has to blame someone so they can pass more laws to control us more and more. Now who among you likes to be controlled any more than we already are??? I for one do not!

    The governments creation of laws to control what they dreamed up in some fantasy as global warming only allows them to have more spending money to actually get what they want to spend it on. They want a bigger allowance, so they have to cry to the rest of us to make us believe that everything is a whole lot worse than it actually is, so that they can have more money to spend. Do you want them to have more money to spend, because you know it will ultimately come out of your pocket. You all will have LESS to spend, because of higher taxes!

    Do you absolutely want this too? After they get their money, the government can spend it on anything they want, because they do not always follow through on what they say they will do, so why should any of us give in to them – WHY?

    We need less government control, because isn’t it “government of the people, and by the people?” So what are we doing, but giving up our stance in all of this.

    Stand your ground as an American!

    Constitution of the United States


    The site above also contains the Preamble, the Seven Articles, and the Amendments.


    Constitution of the United States


  • Paula F.

    Humans cannot legislate the weather, and humans cannot legislate God because God controls the weather. As I have said before, we do not need any more legislation or control over us by the government. We already have more than enough already! As the old saying, with a little variety, goes: “There are too many chiefs in the government and not enough Indians.” How about deleting some of those very old laws that do not mean anything today?

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