Spammers Celebrate Father’s Day In Your Inbox

    June 13, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

When June 15th rolls around, Dad will be glad if you ignore spam offering “reproduction” Rolex watches, and just buy him something useful. Tools are good; we love tools (hint hint).

Given a choice between a 4 in 1 pocket screwdriver and seeing you lose money to a spammer, Dad will take the Stanley tool every time.

Some people may be taken in by the efforts of a nasty botnet or tricksy spammer, however. Security vendor MessageLabs said one campaign dumped links to a notorious spamming site called King Replica into recent spams.

Another effort, evidenced by waves of spam coming from a botnet dubbed Szrizbi, pushed links to watch reproduction sites. In both sets of spam, financial gain for the criminals, and not a great deal on a fake Rolex for you, are the goals.

MessageLabs suggested two competing spam gangs could be vying for commissions from King Replica with their attacks. Consumers lose either way, so stick to the tool aisle when looking for a gift for dad. Or maybe a new video card for his computer.