Spammer May Spend A Quarter Century In Jail

Wardrobe in peril, too

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Ever think about how many minutes or hours of your life you’ve lost to spam messages?  As punishment for sending some of them to you, Robert Soloway may get locked up for 26 years.

Soloway, the so-called "King of Spam," pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and tax evasion on Friday.  In addition to jail time, he faces heavy fines, and having previously lost lawsuits filed by Microsoft and the owner of an Oklahoma ISP, it would appear the spammer’s nearing the end of his rope.

Mike Carter contributed to this image by reporting on the laughable state of Soloway’s finances.  "Soloway does not have a lot of assets for the government to seize.  Among the items [U.S. District Court Judge] Pechman will be asked to consider for forfeiture are Soloway’s collection of 24 pairs of sunglasses, valued at more than $3,700; 27 pairs of shoes, worth more than $7,400; and clothing worth about $14,200."

Sentencing should occur on June 20th, so we’ll have to wait a few months in order to see whether a handful of clothing or a solid third of Soloway’s life will be taken away.

If the second option becomes reality, we’re hoping some spammers will take it as a sign they should either retire or find a new profession.

Spammer May Spend A Quarter Century In Jail
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  • Guest

    this case is about more than sending nuisiance emails of affiliate junk….I mean 25 years for that seems harsh….as much as I hate spam. Although when you think about I don’t deal with it much anymore with my spam filters.

    Now fraud and tax evasion is another story. If you spam, report your earnings and use only clean affiliates and you may get off with probation :)

    If he was wesley snipes instead of what appears to be most incedible dork alive he might not get any jail time for the tax charge.


    • Guest

      What ever happened to freedom of speech?  If you don’t like spam get a spam filter.  Let the private market take care of this … not the goverment!

  • Guest

       Even if they lock up this parasite and throw away the key, the rest of the spammers won’t take the slightest notice. They correctly know that they’re much more likely to be killed by a falling meteor than to have the You CAN Spam ‘law’ applied to them.


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