Spam Products Filling Up Inboxes

    November 20, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Deals that look too good to be true for hot gift items probably pose a threat to shoppers, as the deals front for credit card stealing websites.

Psst. Hey buddy. Yeah, you, C’mere. Step into my office. Have I got a deal for you.

If someone stepped out of an alley and made you this proposition, you’d probably walk or run away as quick as you could. Yet people still fall for similar scams in their inboxes.

Criminals will give email recipients plenty of opportunities to be fleeced like bleating little lambs. Symantec has noted spam occupying 71 percent of all emails trafficking the Internet currently.

The security company even delivered a top ten list of the most spammed products. Prudent online shoppers ought to delete these at the first opportunity.

Replica watches
Business cards
Male enhancement drugs
MP3 Players
Discount software
Free cellphones
Handheld video games
Weight loss solutions
Gift cards

Recent scams have made use of legitimate appearing websites with SSL certificates to "protect" the shopper’s credit card information. That’s true to a point – SSL protects it from being intercepted over the wire, so the criminals will have it to themselves to loot.

Stay alert, trust no one, and keep antivirus software up to date and handy. Throw out enticing spams, because without buyers these schemes will dry up and disappear. When people keep falling for them, criminals push out more. Don’t be a victim.

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