Spain Goes After Anorexia Sites

    January 8, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Yeah, if in the US, it would be a freedom issue. But it’s in Spain, and most of us won’t mind. The same crew that made no bones about stripping too-skinny fashion models from the runway has now gone after pro-anorexia websites.

but . . .but. . .hey (yawn) you can’t. . .really, that’s freedom of (yawn) speech. . .silly socialist Spaniards. . .oh, forget it. . . it is pretty sick stuff

Fearful that a contest called “The Great Ana Competition” would result with girls starving themselves to death, Spanish authorities have filed suit against the site operators, reports TimesOnline. In the competition, online participants were awarded points for staying under dangerously low daily caloric levels, for fasting, and for good anorexia techniques.

“Pro-ana” is a term used by fans of the eating disorder. Only, they don’t call it an eating disorder. They call it a lifestyle choice.

Regardless, site operators in Spain are now targets for authorities – but only from the front (can’t see’em from the side so good). Spanish health officials accuse these operators of “endangering the lives of teenage girls.”

Another site,, is down, presumably because of legal actions taken. The error message is in Spanish, but even those with rudimentary Spanish skills can understand the word “suspendida” with an exclamation point.

Eating Disorders Associations reports that there are over 500 pro-anorexia websites, frequented by young women who want to look like this.

One could say that such government action brings up a larger issue of regulated speech and liberty. But one won’t, most likely, in this instance.


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