SpaceX Dragon Cargo Ship Returns To Earth

    May 19, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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The commercial cargo ship Dragon returned to earth on Sunday after stopping by the International Space Station to pick up over two tons of science experiments and equipment.

The cargo ship was loaded and prepped on Saturday and released by astronaut Steven Swanson on Sunday. Swanson used the space station’s giant robot arm to release the cargo ship and it only took it five hours to return to earth.

The Dragon is the only cargo ship that is capable of returning to earth.

Every other ship burns up during re-entry, but the Dragon was built to travel between Earth and the space station. There have been three other Dragon ships that have been used in other missions.

NASA tweeted about the release of the ship and anxiously awaited its return to Earth.

They also tweeted that the ship had made it safely back home.

SpaceX, the company that designed the Dragon cargo ship, also tweeted updates about the launch and return of the ship.

The California-based SpaceX and Virginia-based Orbital Sciences Corp have both created cargo ships capable of taking supplies to and from the International Space Station.

Orbital will make the next delivery in a month. Both companies are used by Russia, Japan and Europe as well. The companies hope to someday transport astronauts the same way they do cargo.

The supplies and experiments the Dragon brought back to earth will be examined by NASA scientists over the next few months.

What do you think of the Dragon cargo ships?

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  • ozonator

    But the Russians said that the only way we can get to space is through trampolines and Loser Limbaugh’s time traveling horse.

    • smithsson

      …if I remember correctly, this could actually be a good thing. The Russian objections gives us Americans a way to funnel funding towards home grown Space-X programs and development.

      • ozonator

        No chance with the extreme GOP unable to fund even asteroid destruction with the few NRA-approved guns not pointed at neighbors.

        • smithsson

          @ozonator:disqus Given the choice of living for the freedom of choice to find the win-win, and a depressing, oppressing and never ending negative view. I would welcome you to let go of your long held hatred. Chose instead to value and praise the few things left in life that are worthy, and hold dear to your dreams. Chose to let your passions drive a mission of purpose instead.

          Space-X is a good thing and isn’t going away. …and I still believe necessity is the mother of invention. Only the haze and cloudiness of blind hatred and judgement has overshadowed most of the world and the path towards progress.

  • smithsson

    This is so inspiring to see companies able to step up and get stuff done despite the obstacles and red tape of the government.