S.C. Attorney General Fights Craigslist Lawsuit

    July 22, 2009

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster has asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit Craigslist filed against him and 16 South Carolina Circuit Solicitors.  And according to the defendants’ memorandum, civilization itself may well end if Craigslist wins.

Much of the court document is straightforward enough; it goes over the history of the McMaster-Craigslist feud and restates McMaster’s opinion that Craigslist is aiding and abetting prostitution rather than allowing free speech.  There’s also some handy-dandy citing of legal precedents to demonstrate that the Attorney General is in the right.

Then comes the interesting part.  The memorandum states, "If Plaintiff prevails in this action . . . its websites will become the functional equivalent of the ‘Wild West’ with the only law being the federal marshal, who enforces federal law when he happens to pass through town."

Also, it claims, "Plaintiff will be free to develop categories such as ‘Murder for Hire,’ ‘Preferred Prostitutes,’ or ‘Drug Supermarket,’ with absolute impunity, and states will be helpless to stop the resulting destruction and chaos within their borders."

Hope you have fun dissecting those statements in the comments section.  Anyway, a hat tip goes to Andy Owens.