Sosie Bacon Survives Fears at Golden Globes

By: Kimberly Ripley - January 13, 2014

Sosie Bacon initially feared she might trip when she went on stage as Miss Golden Globe at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards–a la Jennifer Lawrence at last year’s Oscars–but that never happened. In fact, the 21-year-old likely made her parents–Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick–very proud.

“That’s my biggest fear…I’m so bad at walking in heels. Clumsy is an understatement. I trip all the time,” she said during an interview prior to the show.

So besides having famous parents, exactly who is Sosie Bacon? She is actually following in her parent’s footsteps as an actor. She appeared in a 2005 film called Loverboy and she even appeared on her mom’s former hit show The Closer.

Sosie is a college student. She will graduate from Brown University in 2014 and she belongs to a theater company in New York City called CAP21. Kristen Bell, Lady Gaga and Anne Hathaway are just three notables who are CAP21 alumni.

Being Miss Golden Globe was definitely a high point of Sosie Bacon’s New Year. She took to Twitter to share some of the exciting highlights with her followers–both during and after the big event.

Do you think being Miss Golden Globe will in any way boost Sosie’s career? When Michael J. Fox’s son was the subject of a Tina Fey jab during his stint on the Golden Globes–she told Taylor Swift to stay away from him–he was googled like crazy for the next couple of days. Between her education, her list of prior acting gigs and her good acting genes, it’s pretty likely the world will be seeing a lot more of Sosie Bacon.

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  • sharona

    This poor girl..smiling her lovely smile, trying get someone to walk in the right direction.. it was like watching someone try to herd cats! She almost looked frustrated at times, but pulled it off like a real trooper. This is only one of the flubs of this awards show. It just didn’t look very well thought out or prepared for. A lot of stars had to FIND a way to get from the middle or the back to GET their awards..some zig zagged, some went alll the way around, it ate up a lot of path? really? The saving grace? Tina and Amy..they rocked!! They always do!

  • Keanamalia

    Such a lovely young lady doing such a horrible job. It was so distracting. She seemed to take up the whole stage, and appeared to have had no instructions. SO DISTRACTING!