Sophia Loren Turns 79, Shares the Secret to Youth

By: Lacy Langley - September 21, 2013

Sophia Loren turned 79 on Friday. She was born Sofia Villani Scicolone in Rome in 1934. Loren’s two children with her late husband, Carlo Ponti are called Carlo Ponti Jr., aged 44, and Edoardo Ponti, aged 40. She also has four grandchildren aged one to seven. Carlo lives in LA, close to Eduardo, while Sophia lives “so far away!’ in Geneva. She said to reporters: “I really suffer with jet lag.”

But she doesn’t let a little jet lag get her down. Loren believes the the mind is the key to staying youthful, just like she said about her secret to defeating age: “There IS a Fountain of Youth. It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”

Sophia Loren is not going let her senior years hold her back, in fact, she is very active in public appearances. She has visited Russia and China and has also made a surprise visit to her sister in Rome. Among other things, Loren is known for being a good and loyal friend to the likes of designer Georgio Armani, whose unique designs she wears on almost all of her public appearances.

Apparently, she shares it with a few other famous faces like actor Gary Cole, aged 57 and bassist Ben Shepherd, aged 45 from Soundgarden. Happy Birthday, Sophia! May you have many, many more and never look your age!

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  • http://Yahoo Tom Levell

    The Good Lord didn’t hold anything back when He created this amazing beauty. Gorgeous all her life and those legs…they go all the way up. She is and always has been my dream. And regardless of her being 79 years of age, I “would” if given the opportunity.

  • Ron Weingarten

    She is so beautiful, I wish I could take her out to dinner and dance. I have always admired her. What a beautiful woman, she never ages.

  • LinJSol

    Someone paid me a compliment when I was in high school saying he thought I looked like Sophia Loren. I have loved her since I was a child and thought that she was a beautiful woman with so much strength and femininity.

    She looks wonderful at this age.

    • James

      If you look anything like Sophia, you are obviously very beautiful and blessed.

  • Teresa Rivera Valdez

    I want to extend a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my, ICON, IDOL, Sophia Loren, may your days be filled with health, happiness and joy…may you continue to reign as PRINCESS of the screen…I miss you.


  • Ms. Vi

    Sophia, I just want to thank you being a major source of inspiration throughout my life. There are very few women whose authentic inert beauty and amazing talent I have respected and emulated. I have always hoped for the privilege of meeting you some day, but if I don’t, please know that there are many real women who truly appreciate the person that they have become because of you. ~Ciao

    • James

      Well said. Brazo.

      • James

        Opps. Bravo! Lol!

    • Dave

      Her beauty is anything but INERT. Perhaps you meant to say inner beauty.

  • Kevin K

    This Sexy Cougar Celebrity is still going
    she looks wonderful she is one of my favorite Cougar Celebrity

  • Marko

    OH MAMA MIA!!!!!

  • Kevin K

    This Cougar still looks great in my Cub eyes
    May God Bless her
    she still got it
    This Cougar has her share of Cubs in the past

  • Monica

    She’s a Libra like me!!! Happy birthday, Sophia!

  • barry

    I never thought she was all that pretty. There are many other movie stars who look much prettier than her.

    • Pearl Helmi

      Pretty is not a word to describe Sophia Loren. Pretty is for insignificant people or stuff. Movie stars should be beautiful, talented and have at least their own personality showing through their art. Stars on screen have become plasticised, packaged. Or shall we say mismanaged, mangled beyond recognition into robots or mannequins.

  • James

    I have always admired and respected Sofia. My fantasy has always been to share a bottle of wine with her over a homemade meal. Beauty, class, grace and elegance. I’m 49 and still have a school boy crush on her. Mmmmm……there’s none better. Happy Birthday Sofia.

    • http://yahoo Antonio Garcia

      Dear Ms.Loren u r an amazing lady,as a mother,actress and the most you r a classic lady. God bless you and have a gorgeous birthday.

  • Donna Colleen Blades Miller

    Dear Sophia, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am a mother of five sons. They are such a wonderful blessing, God has given me. I also have 6 granddaughters ! (smile) I also believe that one is only as old as they feel, and ones feelings about life can keep us young. My oldest sons worked as a Production Assistant for several years, and my dream had always been to be in the movies. Well, I was given that chance, and even though, I was just an extra, I got to be in five movies. The last one was a few yrs, ago, starring Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, in “The Blind Side”, I admire the work that it takes to be an actor, but I do know that when One loves doing something, that their love for what they do, is what keeps them going. Thank you for allowing your story to be told, God Bless you, Maybe one day, we will meet. This would be such a wonderful blessing if it were so. And maybe one day, I will have a speaking part in a movie. I never give up on my dreams. Happy Birthday , again, and God Bless You.
    Donna Colleen Miller./take care of yourself, you are an inspiration for me and so many, many others. God bless!

  • Marlene

    Happy Birthay, Sophia.I too have admire you for your beautiful.your grace and courage.I believe you have good heart by your eyes.And there are some people that don’t have that kind of gift in life. I wish you well in life. And don’t worry you will see the ones in life that pass one day. God Bless you.

  • Ramona Jackson

    Now children, this is what a real actress is… classy, never vulgar. A real lady!

  • Alvi Mana

    Wish they had published a current photo of Sophia. The one above looks to be several years’ old.

    • Lisa

      She’s always looked younger then her years so unless you have proof it’s not current you should not make baseless comments.

  • AnnMarie

    Happy Birthday Sophia! We miss seeing you and your wonderfully talented sons and their families at the California Theatre. Wishing you many more birthdays with love.

  • http://yahoo phyllis

    Sophia – you’ve been my idol for years. I still remember when your beautiful face deservingly graced the covers of many magazines back in the 60’s and you’ve given me the inspiration to stand up and take care of myself in health and body. Keep going gal!

    • Ovid

      Don’t know if this is true, but one day, in the 60’s, two American lady tourists in Naples, while window shopping thy noticed Sophia Loren ws approaching them. One lady said tot he other, “Let’s ask for her autograph”. They did, and Miss Loren complied graciously.
      After, one lady asked, looking at her marvelous figure, “Miss Loren, how do you do it”? and she replied, “Pasta lady, Pasta”.

  • Joe

    I would get all up in that!

  • http://yahoo Lois

    I read Mrs. Loren’s biography, or autobiography years ago, and was impressed with the strength of her and her mother during and after the war years. I pray she knows the Lord as her personal savior. She was one of my favorite actresses. I saw her recently in a movie about an older woman. I confess to some identification with her in this movie..
    My Mom was a strong woman, also. She was a minority. She remained a Christian to the end. I hope to live to be as old as Mrs. Loren. I agree with her that what we think , how we view life, our interests have a great deal to do with longevity because this “mindset” creates an internal environment (acid base, pH, fluid, electrolytes, nutritional bank , etc.) which if in positive balance helps create a healthy immune system. This is more important than anyone realizes. Having the Lord in your life tips the scales favorably to live longer and be healthier.

  • http://yahoo Lois

    That really did alter my punctuation. I placed a comma after autobiographyand biography …”biography, or autobiography,..” which was omitted when I submitted my comment. That was one error which I did not make.

  • Hmm

    I think it is easy to be beautiful when you are rich and live a care free life. If you never have to worry about money and have a lot of free time, it is easy to take care of yourself.

    I do agree with her that age is simply a state of mind. So many people act old because that is the way they believe they have to act. Also, Sophia is a foreign woman. There is a huge difference in attitudes around the world. We get tunnel vision in this country and think that the rest of the world thinks like us. The reality is that they don’t.

    • Egg Foo Young

      She may be rich, but she had her share of problems, just like everyone else. Her husband was ill for years. You don’t need free time to be healthy, just the commitment to exercise, eat healthy and avoid habits that age you. Good health and looking good are not a matter of wealth. Anyone can do it for free.

  • fggr

    Secret is plastic surgery followed by some more plastic surgery. After you’ve done that, get some additional plastic surgery.

  • http://yahoo Joyce

    Happy Birthday Sophia. You are the epitome of class and grace. You will be so welcomed back by your fans when you start acting again. You have been greatly missed.

  • M

    Happy Belated Birthday, Sophia. You are still as BEAUTIFUL as you have always been. I loved you in Grumpier Old Men, that is the cutest movie, have watched it several times. Take Care and Stay Healthy.

  • Truth

    She has definitely had some work done…

    • http://yahoo RC Worofka

      Truth, Did you have to dig way down to figure that out…do you think she will have to borrow a few bucks from you to get any more work done?

    • Egg Foo Young

      Not everyone needs plastic surgery. If you inherit the right genes, thicker and darker skin, the right jaw line, you often don’t need to. Even if she did, who cares. It’s her personal choice, not yours.

    • judy

      you should be so lucky

  • Sue

    I think the “secret” is a few face lifts!

  • Sofia

    When I was a child, nobody around had my name and whenever I said
    my name was Sofia, the only reference that came was Sophia Loren. I didn’t like it and always wondered who and how she might be.
    Later on, when I discovered her through movies, I liked her style and southern beauty. I’m glad she went through the years keeping with that comparing to other stars. She looks great for her age!
    Happy Birthday, Sophia!

  • Mari

    Sra Loren is the epitome of womanhood and looks good for any age, she also looks good inside as we’ll as out, a real person.

  • aws

    She too, Raquel Welch, has maintained a beauty that defy’s age; no secret, just blessed, and maybe a little tucking?

    • aws

      sorry ,like, Raquel Welch, that should have been; I’m 1 handed and can only type 1 finger at a time, and originally, “left” handed, but it’s paralyzed through a stroke; not written to invoke your sympathies, just noted to state a fact…anyway, she’s gorgeous for 79!

  • Mr Ron

    You are still beautiful in my book. I will be turning 79 in two weeks. There’s nothing phoney about you like the “so called” glamorous people of today. You are a queen while all the others are peasants. I hope you read this.

  • http://WebProNews Esther

    I remember watching your movies on tv when i was a young girl. i thought you were so beautiful then and still always walked so gracefully and always presented yourself like a lady.Happy Birthday Sophia.May God Bless You.and Bless you with many more days to come.

  • Dorothy Reynolds

    Sophia Loren, you are the most beautiful women in the world!