Sophia Loren Tell-All Book Names Names

    June 28, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Noel Coward once said that Sophia Loren should have been “sculpted in chocolate truffles so the world could devour her.”

The Italian beauty has mesmerized men around the world for most of her 79 years. Born Sofia Villani Scicolone in Rome, Loren has long been established as a paragon of beauty. Many men have fawned over her, including the above-cited Noel Coward.

Now Loren is telling her tale, including details about the men in her life, her years as a child in poverty, and the man she stayed married to for 50 years, Carlo Ponti.

Her memoir is called Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: My Life as a Fairy Tale and it is due for release on December 2 of this year.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Loren talked about some of the items that will be brought to light in her book.

Regarding her marriage to Carlo Ponti, a man 22 years older than her, she says, “What I wanted to have was a legitimate family, a legitimate husband, children, a family like anybody else. It was because of the experience I had with my father.”

Her marriage lasted until Ponti’s death in 2007 and produced two children.

Her life growing up was difficult. She says she had to be the bread-winner, and saw herself as the “father” in the home, since her own father left her mother with two children and no support.

The New York Times tells how Loren uses “letters, photographs and memorabilia from her long career in film to introduce each chapter” of her book.

Atria Publishing, who is releasing Loren’s memoir, says, “Her long awaited memoir gives her many fans a glimpse of the woman who has left her mark on an era — from the challenges of growing up poor and hungry in wartime Italy to the flowering of her career and the joys of being a mother and grandmother.”

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  • Ian Madge

    I admittingly never saw the obcession with Sophia’s beauty that so many seemed to see. For me she was a “handsome” woman a bit to ‘manly’ for my tastes. Yet this Lady seems to me to have always conducted herself with good sense and dignity ! Something missing these days with so many female celebrities.Thank you Sophia for so many years of good example…

  • lepton

    When I was young, I wasn’t that intrigued with her.
    In hindsight, she has much more natural beauty than most stars you see today. At the time, she was “big breasted.” There was no silicone enhancements then.
    Now even 16-year-olds (the Jenner girls) have bolt on boobs that make Dolly Parton look like an un-developed 12-year-old. I think they are insulting to our intelligence.
    The men are no better; with their caps turned sideways; tattoos; piercings and pants around their knees.
    I went through life at a good time. People were real; except for the 20 peticoats, long dresses, garters, girdles, etc. Yikes!!! maybe nothing’s changed?

  • Plieku 1968

    She might be an old hag, but I’d still do her, right between them ta ta’s.

  • lee

    We don’t need a portrait of Eve, Sophia Loren is good enough. There was no beauty before her. I seriously doubt her beauty will ever be equaled. It certainly will not be surpassed.

  • Moose Warwick

    Sophia was a true beauty and a real lady . Look back at some of her movies. My husband loved her for years and no way could I compete. She is also a super cook I have one of her cookbooks. Thanks Sophia for great memories.

  • Rita Lovett

    Her spoken English was good for the times! Beauty plus brains = Stardom

  • jimmy kraktov

    I’ve known a few guys who drooled over Sophia Loren. Most of them are dead. She was, to some men, the epitome of beauty and sexual desire. Never turned my crank. I haven’t heard anything about her for years. Good luck with your new book Ms. Loren. Most who were your fan club are pushing up posies.