Sony Says Games Are Central To Its Overall Vision At CES


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The Consumer Electronics Show is not usually a place where you expect to see games. It's a show that's usually focused on the biggest things in tech that aren't games. Sony bucked that trend just a little bit this year by focusing on its PlayStation brand during its press conference, including the announcement of PlayStation Now.

What made Sony's presence at CES more interesting than usual, however, was how it singled out its gaming operation as the inspiration behind its latest comeback strategy. At CES, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai said that the company was working to deliver "wow" moments to consumers. Those "wow" moments are apparently best represented by games.

Of course, no other Sony studio makes gamers say "wow" more than Media Molecule. The developer helped usher in an era of user-created content on PlayStation 3 with LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2. They also gave the Vita a shot in the arm with 2013's Tearaway. As part of Sony's presser, Kaz invited Media Molecule to elaborate on their creative process.

To see more from Sony at CES, check out the full keynote:

Image via PlayStation/YouTube