Sony Is Planning a PS4/Vita Bundle For This Year


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Back in October, Sony was asked whether or not it would consider bundling the PS4 with the PS Vita. After all, remote play is a big selling point for the Vita and the company could use its new home console to sell more handhelds. At the time, Sony wasn't committed to the idea just yet, but a lot can change in a month.

MCV reports that Sony is now planning to launch what it calls the PS4 Ultimate Bundle in the UK this year. The bundle will pack in a PS4 and a PS Vita into the same box. Unfortunately, there's no price for the bundle just yet, but you can expect it to be a bit cheaper than what you'd pay if you bought both the console and handheld separately.

The bundle isn't the only thing that Sony has planned for the Vita this year. It's also being reported that Sony is launching a £2.5 million ad campaign for the Vita called "The Best Way to Play." The ad campaign will tout the Vita's ability to play PS4 games via Remote Play as well as upcoming PS Vita title Tearaway.

Will this latest initiative help sell Vitas? It's hard to say, but it certainly can't hurt. The Vita is a handheld for the hardcore Sony fan and those buying PS4s this holiday season are certainly that. By bundling the two together, Sony can finally get Vitas into the hands of those who would get the most out of it. Getting more Vitas into the hands of more gamers will also help Sony get more content for the system, like the recently announced Borderlands 2 port for the handheld. With an even larger install base, we should start seeing more third party and indie support for the handheld.

With all that being said, the big question now is whether or not Sony will release a PS4/Vita bundle in America. At the time, the bundle appears to be exclusive to the UK, but never say never. Don't get your hopes up either though as American branches of companies are never as big on bundles as their European branches are.

[Image: VideoGamer]