Sonic Lost World Trailer Highlights New Power Ups


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Sonic, unlike Mario, has never really used power ups. It was a more pure platforming experience as a result, but you could argue that it also makes Sonic games less fun. The series did play around with power ups in the Wii-exclusive Sonic Colors, and now Sega is bringing some of those power ups back in its latest game.

Sega released a new Sonic Lost World trailer this week that shows off the new power ups coming to the game. Most of the power ups are all new to the franchise, but Sega is also bringing back some of the power ups from Sonic Colors.

A lot of these new and returning powers look great, but looking great is only one part of the equation. The actual gameplay is even more important, and Sonic Team has only just started to perfect its gameplay. Sonic Colors was a great start, but there were still a few problems. With Sonic Lost World, Sonic Team has a chance to show that it can perfect the power up gameplay that Mario holds a monopoly on.

If you want to check out Sonic Lost World for yourself, you can play it this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. If you can't make it out, you'll be able to get it yourself on October 22 for Wii U and 3DS.