Sonasoft Experiences Record Growth

    July 19, 2006

Business is booming for Sonasoft, a San Jose-based company specializing in backup, recovery, and replication software. According to the latest press release, both revenue and customer installations grew by 200 percent in the first half of 2006.

Sonasoft describes its products as a “high-availability solution, protecting data from hardware/software failures and human errors.” It also mentions that its software “is the focused solution for Microsoft servers.”

Andy Khanna, the president and CEO at Sonasoft, described the achievement, and his company’s plans for the future. “Sonasoft has made tremendous progress in the past six months and the product is getting great traction in the SMB market. We will be very aggressive in our customer acquisitions and we expect to grow even faster in the second half of 2006.”

The CEO of Netswitch agreed with Khanna’s assessment. “We see tremendous growth for SonaSafe and we strongly believe that Sonasoft will become one of the top players in backup/recovery and replication for Microsoft servers in the next couple of years,” said Stanley Li. To be fair, Li may not be an entirely impartial observer – his company is the “Master Distributor of Sonasoft products in Asia-Pacific region.” (And to be even more fair, this relationship isn’t a guarded secret – it’s plainly stated in the press release.)

Sonasoft lists Stanford University, Dolby, Vodafone, the Juilliard School, One World Health, Ophedge Investment, the Glide Foundation, University of Botswana, Phillips, the Abington Police Department, the University of San Diego, and Kokusai Semiconductor among its customers. Not a bad group. And 200 percent in six months – not a bad growth rate.

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