‘Son of God’: Jesus Remains, Satan is Cut

    February 19, 2014
    Jasmine Allen
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The New Testament story of Jesus Christ will once again hit the big screens on February 28th. This time it has taken a different approach to Mel Gibson’s 2004 film The Passion of the Christ, which focused more on the final moments of Jesus in Jerusalem up until his torture and crucifixion.

The movie Son of God, however, will go more in depth about the birth of Jesus, his teachings, execution, and resurrection.

According to a synopsis on the film’s official website, this is an experience you would not want to miss:

Told with the scope and scale of an action epic, the film features powerful performances, exotic locales, dazzling visual effects and a rich orchestral score from Oscar®-winner Hans Zimmer.

For leading actor Diogo Morgado, conducting a little research prepared him for his role as Jesus.

The 6’2, Portugal-native portrayed Jesus once before in The History Channel’s Emmy nominated miniseries The Bible. As a Christian, Morgado’s new cameo gave him the opportunity to learn even more about his faith just by observing his surroundings.

While visiting the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Morgado told Good Morning America Wednesday that he encountered an experience that put everything into perspective.

He expressed how his portrayal of the Biblical leader inspires him to educate people, but especially children:

I saw this father and a young kid, they were praying. And I stood for like two hours there. By the time I left, they were still praying and I realized whatever I was about to do would be connectinore with that kid than his father. We live in a visual world now. Kids can learn a lot by seeing things rather than reading it. So I really understood the responsibility…

There’s a lot of people out there. A lot of kids, especially. They don’t know who exactly Jesus was. So, this is actually a tool that can teach these kids about why Jesus was who he was and why the Bible was the most important book.

Well, one character that will be standing on the sidelines this time around is Satan.

Film producer Roma Downey made sure to edit out any scenes involving the villain due to negative feedback regarding the appearance of Satan in The Bible, which critics said uncannily resembled President Barack Obama.

Below is a Fox News coverage about the controversy: 

Downey and her husband, who were also executive producers of the miniseries, decided to cut actor Mehdi Ouzaani from the 2013 TV special. In response to the controversy, they also released statements asserting that the Moroccan actor “previously played parts in several Biblical epics — including satanic characters long before Barack Obama was elected as our president.”

Now, with another chance to redeem their filmmaking reputation, yanking Satan out of the equation may be the way to go (cough, cough).

“It gives me great pleasure to tell you that the devil is on the cutting-room floor,” Downey told The Hollywood Reporter. “This is now a movie about Jesus, the son of God, and the devil gets no more screen time.”

Well, I think that The Passion of the Christ will always be one of the most superb Christian films about Jesus. Therefore, I may just pass on this one UNLESS reviews direct me otherwise.

However, the film Noah, which will recreate one of the Bible’s most catastrophic events, seems very interesting. Honestly, why would you not want to see a big wooden boat fight against a colossal rainfall as God wipes out the earth with a flood?

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the portrayal of Jesus will be the same without his foe being in the mix?

Here is the trailer to Son of God:

Image via YouTube

  • http://www.agapequalitytutorial.com Fred Young

    Jesus without Satan? Well, that leaves out the entire Temptation of Christ, with its profound implications, and that’s a little like Holmes without Moriarty, Republicans without Democrats, yin without yang. Come on, not to sound Manichean (heaven forbid when talking Christianity), but Good vs. Evil sounds a lot better than Good vs____

    • Ryan Arko

      Democrats preach the values Jesus taught. You know, the ones that Bibles color red, like equality, forgiveness, charity, abandoning wealth, etc. The “Christian values” the conservatives hold all came from Paul, a man who persecuted Christians, never met Jesus, believed the resurrection wasn’t physical but spiritual, and wrote the first word about Jesus 20 years after Jesus died.
      So to slump Democrats in the “vs. Evil” slot is fairly inaccurate.

      • Crusader70

        Facts are the work of Satan.

      • http://www.agapequalitytutorial.com Fred Young

        Maybe, but you notice from the ‘yin and yang,’ that it wasn’t the ‘evil’ slot. lol And Democrats, with their preaching of class hatred, their platforms based on envy, and their wish for people to ‘abandon’ wealth as long as a) it is not their wealth and b ) as long as they make lots of it to redistribute are, well, a bit iffy, shall we say. At the best, they are like the Prince who, when he asked, I am a good man, what else can I do? “Sell everything you own, and give to the poor.” Uh, uh, not a chance, the Prince replied, and then Jesus went on to talk about camels trying to get through the eye of a needle.

    • Aaron

      Though I will agree that it’s not good that they are leaving out the Temptation of Christ, the reality is, if you read your Bible, the biggest enemies to Jesus in the gospels were the religious rulers who were jealous of Him.

      • http://www.agapequalitytutorial.com Fred Young

        Fair enough.

  • John Clancy

    No need to cut Satan. I’m sure Obama can make time for a cameo.

    • Wayne Dooley

      LMOA, you people never stop. You can put a spin on anything.

  • Melvin Pate

    Jesus has already defeated the devil anyway. No need to have obama the devil in the movie.

    • Ryan Arko

      Uh oh! Another anti Obama post by a right-wing white guy! What a shocker! And the fact that you posted yours 26 minutes after @John Clancy shows how deep conservative bible thumpers pool to come up with their hilarious jokes.
      Fact is, in 2008, you were all hating Obama because he was a Christian with an anti-American pastor. Now he’s a secret Muslim because teabaggers suggest it.

      I also can’t find anywhere in scripture that states Obama to be Satan. Not even the lower case “satan.” Did you know your God doesn’t like it when you add to his words? Funny how you conservatives puff your chest and declare Christian morality, but you cherry pick the parts of the Bible that fit your political beliefs and ignore the rest. Heck, even involvement in politics and worldly affairs is forbidden. But that money feels alot better than words in a dusty book of desert fairy tales could ever make you feel, doesn’t it?

      • http://www.agapequalitytutorial.com Fred Young

        Well, in regard to scriptures stating Obama to be satan, ‘satan’ (lower case) means Adversary, so…

    • http://www.agapequalitytutorial.com Fred Young

      yes, but the next election is only a couple of years away…

  • granny

    I saw the interview with Roma Downey and I have to disagree that the “Son of God” story has never been told. The wonderful movie “King of Kings” from over 50 yrs ago told that story very well and from the bible. I was a little girl then and saw it at the theater. Every year I still watch it when it comes on and I still feel the same emotions. Some movies should be as they are authentic like Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments and The Robe and King of Kings. I don’t think movies have to be as graffic as they are today to get the point across. The actors in the original movies seemed more authentic then what I have seen in just the previews of Son of God and these other remakes. The aging process looks really fake and much more violence then need be. Jesus in the King of Kings was very handsome and no one can take his place. Good luck though.

    • http://www.agapequalitytutorial.com Fred Young

      Well, my main problem with this movie, which I haven’t seen, is it is made by those who did ‘The Bible’ on the history channel. I don’t how you can take the creation of a world, the fall of it’s most powerful beings, the annihilation of humankind, the epic struggle between good and evil and make it boring, but they somehow managed it. lol

  • granny

    I cant stand these posts about democrats and republicans and Obama as a devil. This movie was about Romans and Jewish people and the birth of Jesus. Come on now…

  • Tupelotulip

    She did not say “Satan” would be cut — just the actor’s appearance — Satan is always with us, as some of our commentators here have shown.

  • WTF ?

    There must be hunger, to appreciate satisfaction. If you can understand this simple logic, your life will be easier.

  • WTF ?

    F jesus. That basterd owes me for some tequila.

    • emeraldlady

      You’re sick! Shame on you for this post! Hopefully, it’ll be removed!

  • lindy west

    What a surprise….mixing religion, and a movie no less, with hateful Politics. Shameful.

  • mike

    What would Jesus think?

    • http://www.agapequalitytutorial.com Fred Young

      Probably, ‘hmmm; they sure picked a handsome guy to play me.’ lol

  • shidogmehere

    Hummm, i was thinking, that God created Satan!

    And that God is the father of all his creations, no matter how you were materialized into this particular world. Nobody on earth can talk with any background of experience, how God created all its beings.

    Something must have went wrong in the translations of the indoctrinators, because if satan was created by God, and jesus was created by God, would it not make sense, that we also were created by God?

    This would seem like it would be common sense that we who were made by God, no matter how it was done, it was said, that man was made in the likeness of his (Gods) image. The image of Jesus is like a common man who was assigned to be present, in his own image.

    With a little common sense & some bible knowledge, one could concluded that there was a discrepancy in the artist’s & movie’s made of this image. The bible clearly describes Jesus’s image as one having hair like lambs wool. If this was written as a fact, then who gave the ok to change this image of our Brother.

    The battle is between God and one of his creations, plus his followers. This would certainly give much food for thought & credence to the notion that the image of Jesus looks just like an average man, by his portrait that is not as described in the bible, but as a man, like the ones who crucified him.

    Its my conclusion, if those who killed the man Jesus, were working for Satan then why do we not see one of Satans workers everyday in controlling situations. And that same Satan is trying to kill all of Gods sons & daughters even in this day & age using all of his followers, our brothers & sisters who are against others of Gods creations. I also think, Jesus had it right, but the message was distorted & all screwed up by the interpreters who are hiding a lot from the rest of us. I say we can now see Satan if we open our eyes to the real truth. THE S for Satan is before us like $.

  • albert

    robert powel will always be the best jesus in movies

  • kenneth king

    I think the movie will be as corny as the miniseries. It’s the same ole movie, very predictable. I saw the trailor for the movie and thought they were just taking the miniseries and showing it at theatres. It’s like eating food prepared by white people, no spice, no flavor. They play it safe here. I won’t go see it. I already saw it on TV.

  • emeraldlady

    Sick & tired of these Obama lovers! Shame on Downey & Barnett for removing Satan from the movie! Why do people hold this so-called president in esteem? He’s proven to be a liar over & over again! We need a credible leader for this country..not George Soros’ puppet!


    I still love the movie.