Someone Plays Politics On Yahoo News

    August 3, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Words have power, as a number of people have realized over the years of the printed page. A small example of that appeared as an odd edit on an AP article appearing on Yahoo News.

Someone Plays Politics On Yahoo News
Someone Plays Politics On Yahoo News

Does Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul have unusual appeal, or is he just a longshot for the nomination? You’re forgiven if you are confused, because someone at Yahoo News seems to think ‘unusual appeal’ doesn’t describe the candidate as well as ‘longshot’ does.

SEO Black Hat picked up on a little editing that took place with an article about Paul, a Texas Congressman who has captured the fancy of some voters. Here’s what they noted about a headline switch for that story:

Ron Paul Made the front page of about an hour ago with this story under the title

“GOP’s Ron Paul has Unusual Appeal”

Then, 11 minutes later, the headline is changed to

“Ron Paul remains longshot for GOP nom”

Other than that, the 2 articles are identical.