Someone Plays Politics On Yahoo News

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Words have power, as a number of people have realized over the years of the printed page. A small example of that appeared as an odd edit on an AP article appearing on Yahoo News.

Someone Plays Politics On Yahoo News
Someone Plays Politics On Yahoo News

Does Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul have unusual appeal, or is he just a longshot for the nomination? You’re forgiven if you are confused, because someone at Yahoo News seems to think ‘unusual appeal’ doesn’t describe the candidate as well as ‘longshot’ does.

SEO Black Hat picked up on a little editing that took place with an article about Paul, a Texas Congressman who has captured the fancy of some voters. Here’s what they noted about a headline switch for that story:

Ron Paul Made the front page of yahoo.com about an hour ago with this story under the title

“GOP’s Ron Paul has Unusual Appeal”

Then, 11 minutes later, the headline is changed to

“Ron Paul remains longshot for GOP nom”

Other than that, the 2 articles are identical.


Someone Plays Politics On Yahoo News
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  • musicmax

    The photograph also changed from a smiling Paul in front of a line of American flags to a much harsher, authoritarian-looking picture.

  • Kurt of Georgia

    I was reading the article this morning about “unusual appeal” of Congressman Ron Paul. Then I saw the other title “longshot” and started to read it realizing something was wrong.

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious attempt to thwart a positive slant on Dr. No!!

    The “Unusual Appeal” is adhearence to the US Constitution and actually voting for and talking with respect about it. It unfortunate that the only person doing that is considered fringe or longshot.

    I really believe he is gaining tremendous momentum and has a real chance as people actually have an opportunity to hear and understand him.

    The no smoke and mirrors candidate has arrived with smoke detectors and a hammer.

    Legalize Freedom!

    Vote Ron “Unusual Appeal” Paul 2008

  • musicmax

    I went to the AP website (ap.org) and found the article. It has the “longshot” headline and the no-flag no-smile picture.

    • undergroundrailroad

      This is not an article about Dr. Paul. It is an article about the impossibility and inadvisability of Ron Paul being president.

      The AP has built an undeserved reputation as an unbiased news source. They are in fact masters of mass manipulation. The message of this article, as with every AP report so far that mentions Paul, is that he is not a viable presidential candidate and that his issue stances are unsupportable to voters. They express “surprise” at his strong support and carefully suggest to the populace that it is a short-term phenomenon. It’s deeply irresponsible journalism from an organization (a tax-exempt non-profit!) that no-one seems to hold accountable. If Murdoch bought the AP, it would probably be a step toward journalistic objectivity!!!

      For all the talk about the importance of the NY Times article, this syndicated one by the Associated Press will get read by more people in a wider part of the globe than any other so far. It will be picked up by dozens of papers without even being scanned by editors. Go to Google News and do a search for “Ron Paul” and you will see how many have run it in the opening hours of its availability. If you see it in your local paper, it should be responded to there, because the AP organization itself is inscrutable and inaccessible to the general public.

    • http://www.yahoo.com Anonymous Yahoo! News Employee

      I can confirm this, I work for Yahoo! News. Yahoo! simply takes whatever stories that AP provides. This is a completely automated process. There is no human intervention on Yahoo!’s side for the articles or titles themselves.

      I suggest that you reprint this story and change the headline – smell the irony there – to :

      Someone Plays Politics On AP


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