Someday I Hope to Make $1

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Just $1. That’s all I need. And this thermos. And my remote control… and these matches. But that’s all I need.

Yahoo’s Terry Semel made $1 last year. So did Larry, Sergei and Doc Schmidt. Just $1. Makes you feel kinda like a bigshot for a second doesn’t it? No? I mean, here are these massively powerful, influential, world shaking digital moguls and they only pull a buck a year? Heck I make 5 times that in like… an hour. So who’s the man? Next time any of you dollar menunaires hit the bluegrass, be sure you look me up – I’ll get lunch, you hang on to that dollar.

But the story doesn’t end there. Here’s the life lesson segment of today’s blog.. Terry Semel took his $1 salary – he didn’t get his head down though – oh no, he applied himself, he worked and just tried really really hard to do a good job. Yahoo recognized that and wanted to express their gratitude and appreciation for his diligence and dedication so much that they gave him an incentive bonus package.

It’s kinda like getting ‘Employee of the Month’ but instead of the better parking spot, he got $71.66 million. Now, that isn’t to say he didn’t also get the parking spot and/or the conventional placard on the wall… but nothing I read really mentioned anything about it.

No, they pretty much stuck with the thing about the $71.66 million.

But there you go. Just because you don’t make a lot of money, it doesn’t mean that with a little elbow grease and dedication that you too can’t be a success. I know it’s inspired me. Someday, somehow I am gonna get to that $1. Because I understand now that that’s really all I need… that and this paddleball game -but that’s all I need.

** UPDATE ** The good folks at Yahoo contacted us last night to let us know we were off on our original figure of $80 million. $80 Million was apparently misreported by the AP. The blog entry has thus been duly edited with the correct amount of $71.66 million.

You see, the $80 million figure included a 2006 bonus that was awarded in February 2007. It’s good that they keep track of these things.

I received no update on the parking spot though, so that’s still pure guesswork and speculation on my part.

Someday I Hope to Make $1
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