Some Truth To Google PC Rumor?

    January 4, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

A December article from the New York Times suggested Google showed a passing interest in a $200 computer. IP Democracy’s Cynthia Brumfield referenced a report from the Times, which cited Google’s discussions…

Some Truth To Google PC Rumor?
Is The Google PC Rumor Actually True?

… with thin-client computer maker Wyse Technologies:

And for the last few months, Google has talked with Wyse Technology, a maker of so-called thin-client computers (without hard drives).

The discussions are focused on a $200 Google-branded machine that would likely be marketed in cooperation with telecommunications companies in markets like China and India, where home PC’s are less common, said John Kish, chief executive of Wyse. “Google is on a path to developing a stack of software in competition with the Microsoft desktop, and one that is much more network-centric, more an Internet service,” Mr. Kish said. “And this fits right into that.”

Google and would-be distribution partner Wal-Mart have denied a Google-branded PC is forthcoming. The Times report could be the source referred to by Sallie Hofmeister in her LA Times article predicting the Google PC.

Another possibility could be a network device capable of managing Internet-delivered content and shifting it to devices like PCs and televisions.

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