Some eBay Sellers Disgruntled Over Top Rated Sellers Program

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Some eBay sellers have been taking issue with the fact that they are not being considered "Top Rated Sellers" in eBay’s program of that name. As far as they can tell, they meet the requirements, but are having no luck being included in this group.

Ina Steiner at AuctionBytes was able to get a response from eBay on the matter with the following points:

1) All existing PowerSellers who qualify for the program should now see the TRS badge in search results and on their View Item pages.

2) eBay is beginning to invite sellers who would qualify under the new lower-volume requirements into the program. "We began sending invites to join the PowerSeller program this week for non-PowerSellers who otherwise meet Top-rated standards and who sold at least 100 items to U.S. buyers with a GMV of at least $3k in the past 12 months," he said.

Top Rated Sellers

Judging from the comments, the response didn’t do a whole lot to make eBayers feel better. They start with:

"I only have one big question…WHY? For many years now Ebay management has thought that pitting seller against seller is a good thing.  We’re all paying Ebay for exposure to SELL our wares.  Nobody informed us that this is some kind of competition – with small sellers always on the bottom of the pile but paying the same!"

The AuctionBytes post points to a couple of pages that contain information on requirements. This one provides a chart of "at-a-glance" requirements and rewards (pictured above) and this one gives examples of calculating low DSRs (Detailed Seller Ratings).

Some eBay Sellers Disgruntled Over Top Rated Sellers Program
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  • Mark Draven

    Selling on ebay for years has become a total time waster! Ebay sellers should not give a care to the “TOP RATED SELLER” program but should turn the attention to the “FIXED & RIGGED SEARCH” called best match!!!! Just go look where you fair when searching for your items. You can have more even then the competetion yet they show on the first pages relegating you to the other pages behind them. Ebay will constantly favor sellers with less then favorable track records but pay more listing more items in fee each month. We all DESERVE equal representation in the search but this just is not so with the Malicious Scripts they now run in the search results. They have covered themselves well using DSR, and TRS and item popularity to cover the FILTHY LIE, and protect from class action or any other complaint! NICE HUH????? Just a Rigged Dice Game now it is, and Just a prayer someone will stumble on your item and actually buy. Doubt this? Look to your hits. Mine have declined 60%+ over a 2 year period. Thanks Jeff King! Thanks so very much for being able to con and cheat what should be a normal search engine result. Bitter? You should be…………..

  • http://www.rexxindustrialparts.com Jacob

    I personally didn’t care about the Top Rated Seller Program when it was first announced. The requirements are beyond ridiculous. I read a while back that Wal Mart is the leader in customer satisfaction in the retail industry. Their benchmark is 90% customer satisfation. The rest of the retail industry struggles to reach that benchmark. Now eBay says sellers must have a customer satisfation of 99.5% or better to be a Top Rated Seller. What a joke. I would completely disregard the whole thing except eBay added a “show only top rated sellers” option for search results. For some reason eBay thinks it’s OK to take sellers money and then provide a way that their listings are never seen.
    I lost faith in eBay almost 2 years ago and fortunately I had the good sense to start my own website http://www.rexxindustrialparts.com and it has grown to where I can soon walk away from the insanity that is Ebay.
    I would encourage any eBay sellers that have not already set up their own website to do it now.

  • http://www.cactustactical.com Cactus Tactical

    Who cares about the new Top Rated Seller Program? The enclusion requirements are absurd. eBay says we have to a customer satisfation of 99.5% or better to be a Top Rated Seller. Bizarre.
    eBay thinks it’s cool to take our money and then attempts to keep buyers from seeing our sales? This is a good program? For who?

    We gave up on eBay almost 2 years ago and now we sell through Amazon. Com and our own website http://www.cactustactical.com and the sales dwarf what we did before on eBay at about 10% of the entry expenses.

    People, in 10 years, people will be asking each other, I wonder what happened to eBay and how could they have screwed themselves up so badly?

  • John Olson

    I agree completely with the negative comments on this post as well as the previous articles written. Sellers are constantly given the shaft while each new policy Ebay installs often requires a hundred plus hours of my companies time to understand and meet the listing changes they mandate.

    This year on Ebay my company graystone-creations (Ebay user ID) has generated $300,000 plus in sales. However to compensate for all my costs including the ever rising fees I have to add 47% to the cost of my goods just to hit the break even point.

    With the horrible policy of not allowing sellers to leave negative or neutral feedback to buyers when deserved Ebay has left us sellers open to irresponsible buyers. They can leave negative feedback at any time for any reason without so much as an email or phone call to resolve any confusion or issues they have.

    Why does that matter you may ask? Well now Ebay says that we can only have ONE HALF of ONE PERCENT low ratings by customers to keep our status as a TOP RATED SELLER or more importantly to keep the 20% discount they offer these sellers which is the ONLY profit most sellers actually walk away with. If I were to lose this discount it would cost me TENS OF THOUSANDS each year and BUYERS could not care less and apparently neither does EBAY.

    I have followed the advice of many of the people who have written about Ebay in the last few years. I am an active seller on Amazon (not a whole lot better there) and I created my own site at www.graystonecreations.com

    My company will do right about 2 million this year and hopefully a lot more next but Ebay remains our most time consuming and costly portion of our business.

    Good luck to the rest of you.


  • No Rolling Reserve

    I cannot understand how eBay can think that they can do well by punishing sellers. Actually sellers are much more important ( really ) than buyers, because A) Sellers are better buyers, B) Sellers have made eBay the cheapest marketplace where you can find almost anything you may like C) Sellers make incredible efforts to list, promote, service and even ship to places no websites or other business will even think about dealing with, Sellers take a lot of crap from eBay and paypal, E) Sellers are the ones paying much more to eBay core business and last but no least, have you seen how many times a buyer returns to eBay? they have hundreds or thousands of feedbacks as buyers only, which means, they need sellers ( and eBay ) more than eBay thinks they do. So I don’t understand why eBay has made this change of feedback, I don’t understand why eBay and paypal allow buyers to open a disputes and claims within a day of purchase, even it is an international transaction. I do not understand why eBay allows paypal to keep more than 180 million dollars in rolling reserve cash from sellers every month, as if that interest money can give them more than all the great business the same money will allow sellers to develop even more business and more fees and commission. The New DSR policy, the Rolling Reserve for months and the Feedback and dispute policy will eventually kill eBay business. If eBay knew how much effort everyday sellers are now dedicating to sell in other places, they will use at least one brain cell to start acting right, eBay sees sellers as enemies, paypal which is an unregulated financial institution has been illegally appropriating of sellers cash flow and I would like to ask eBay and Paypal, for how long do you think this will last? Sellers, if you start your own websites, go to Wigix, iOffer or Bonanzale you will see that little by little you will start to build more choices, is not a waste of time, trust me, I did stop trying to accepted by eBay or Paypal and now dedicate that time to sell in other places and so far in less than a month I moves 35% of my business which saves me fees and lot of wastes time in stupid issues with eBayers and Paypal. By the way, by saying that eBay will only cover the purchase if a buyer uses paypal, is a fear pushing monopoly strategy, credit cards have been around longer and are much safer. I wish you all a good selling season, outside eBay and Paypal of course, try it, will be your best business decision.

  • Robert

    I walked away from eBay when they started to thrown off people for low DSR’s and sellers came to their meetings screaming and booing at eBay! I started my own website as an alternative to eBay! I had my own website operational using www.MediatoNet.com and selling my own items. No more relisting, paying fees all the time, great search engine results and no headaches, I AM MY OWN BOSS of my own website, which I own and control myself!

  • http://www.purepurrfections.com Guest

    I have been trying to sell my product on eBay for nearly 3 years and have NEVER seen much profit. I am lucky to break even with the shipping limits and fees. Not to mention the hassle of emails complaining about the shipping and the cost (my items usually sell for less than 5 bucks) of the soap.

    I too….went to Bonanzle and created my own sites


  • http://www.bizfancy.com Biz Fancy

    This is the only explanation for what they have been doing. Do whatever they have to do to drive their sellers away, that way they can fill up all the listings with Buy.com and other corporate and wholesale sellers. This is their goal, and it’s working. Make the sellers jump through as many hoops as possible, annoy them, pester them and of course, take as much money as possible from each transaction so the seller makes less and less. It’s working!

    I encourage people to get their own websites instead of selling on eBay or any of the eBay knockoffs… it’s cheap, relatively easy and you CONTROL EVERYTHING, EVERY ASPECT!!! The possibilities are endless with your own website and you build real value which you can sell later on if you want. It is absolutely the best solution and it’s not as hard as you think.

    Anyway, eBay can only continue to make sellers mad for so long, their only real asset is the brand name. Sooner or later, eBay will be just a memory, and I’ll say, good riddance.

  • http://www.mouse-mat.com mat

    Ebay seriously needs to be killed off… Its too expensive for huge numbers of sellers to make any profit from and they have voted with their cash and gone elsewhere. Its a cash hungry monster that has lost sight of reality and slid into it’s own little world of self delusion.

  • http://dentonfamily.net Michael

    We too have decided to leave eBay. After years of struggling to perfect our eBay strategy, we’re fed up with the constant changes. They took away buyer feedback because allegedly a small handful of sellers were using it to extort buyers. Now, buyers extort the sellers and some of our competitors have abused the system to knock down our DSR.

    Now, we pay just $10 a month for web-hosting and the Fantastico script made setting up our own Zen-Cart real easy. (see it here)

    Now we use the money saved in eBay fees to advertise with AdWords and such. We also found that eBay has classified ads that show up in search results and allow you to include hyperlinks to external sites. Why not let eBay help us advertise our exit? ;-)

    • http://dentonfamily.net Michael

      Something went wrong in my link creation. It should have been http://fonuniverse.com d’oh!

  • Guest

    Wonder if eBay has ever stopped to think about this: If nothing is for sell [No Sellers] then what the heck are the Buyers going to buy? I would think they need sellers more … otherwise the Buyers are useless! Sellers deserve more respect.

  • Mark Draven

    Seems I am not the only seller feeling Cheated, Conned, and Lied to! Good to see there are others that will not tolerate Rigged Dice Games on eBay. I truely agree with the sellers on ebay constantly getting black eyes from rediculous buyer expectation. I run a 99.8% satisfaction rate on feedbacks but in the last year 10 morons could not read I guess and left low DSR for shipping times. I state 10 to 18 business days in ALL listings. 3 to 4 weeks is not bad for an international arrival. It is US customs, and US mail slowing the boat down. All my goods are in the air within 48 hours from my shore. THE FIXED SEARCH RESULT CALLED BEST MATCH is the most insane way to run a search. Most sellers do not even show until the last pages. EBAY FAVORS those who pay the most in total listing fee which is unfair. If my listings show less I should pay less. Do not ever think they will not contrive or play with your DSR monthly at discount time. Think I am wrong? Watch your scores at the time they calculate your discount. Drops like a rock in that frame then rebounds like magic after. Why do you think you cannot see who left what DSR? Why do you think it is in the rules that questioning a buyer about DSR gets you suspended? Why also do you think on bidding they now only show a sudo name for bidders? To protect the buyer? NO! It is to hide the shill bidders that sellers use to make the items that started at .99 always sell for hundreds. Ebay loves this for sure too. Also anyone aware that ebay actually logs serial numbers in your computers, and directory structure too? That flash cookie is a monstor. Bet they snoop at many things in your computer. Just more food for thought on the Big Bad Monstor called ebay. Best of luck to all….. www.dravenmetalsltd.com

  • http://www.elitefashionswimwear.com Teodora

    I agree with Jacob’s comment. eBay takes the same amount of money for listings from both smaller and top rated sellers, but the smaller seller’s items are never found. They keep on saying “keep and improve your current selling ranking” or something like that, but how can we sell if the items do not show up in results?

    Thank God I started my website http://www.elitefashionswimwear.com at the same time as my eBay listings. My website is doing great while my eBay listings, as I am a smaller seller, are average.
    It is just aggravating as smaller sellers pay the same fees, actually more, cause they do not benefit from discounts and such.

    eBay WAKE UP! Instead of going towards better, you’re heading towards the HOLE! People are gonna get tired of losing money or breaking even on eBay in this day and age.

  • Daniel

    The main complaint is from sellers is that they recieve low marks on shipping charges and then loose this top rated status status. Why would ebay let buyers rate shipping charges. After all the buyer knows this before they buy so if they have a problem with what they will pay they should communicate that to the seller or just buy elsewhere. This really has nothing to so with helping buyers or sellers. This is a simple scheme for ebay to make a bit more money. See shipping is not included in the final value fee ebay imposes on sellers. As a seller we have to pay for shipping one way or the other. Now we have to add more of our shipping charges into the product fee to be sure that the customer will leave 5 stars. In doing this the customer pays the same price and BUT EBAY makes more money on the final value fee. THANKS EBAY. I began my business on ebay however now I am doing more business elsewhere and will continue to move away from ebay until they get some management that is less sneaky about how they make money.

  • Tim

    The masses are voting with their feet, will eBay really carry on upsetting their sellers or will they wake up and smell the coffee.

    Knowing eBay they’ll just stick their heads in the sand.

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