Soleil Moon Frye Welcomes Son Lyric Sonny Roads

    February 12, 2014
    Courtney Wills
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Soleil Moon Frye, known to most of America as “Punky Brewster,” welcomed her third child with her husband, Jason, on Monday.

Lyric Sonny Roads Goldberg joins two older sisters, 5-year-old Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg, and 8-year-old Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg.

The actress – and now author and blogger – gave birth to Lyric early Monday evening, People confirmed, saying that the star’s rep exclusively stated to them, “The whole family is over the moon about the arrival of their baby boy. His big sisters, mom, and dad are by his side.”

After Lyric’s birth on Monday, Soleil Moon Frye made the first announcement via her website, moonfrye.com, saying, “And baby makes five!”

Today, she updated that statement to read, “Can’t wait to share our pics and moments in the upcoming months. Thanks for all the love and support.”

Frye discussed her pregnancy with People in October when she first released the baby’s gender, expressing her joy in being able to rear a son around a multitude of girls: “I’m excited to be able to raise him in a household of girls, and teach him to be a gentleman at an early age.”

When asked if Lyric would be her third and last, the actress replied, “That would be up to my hubby. I would have a whole zoo at my house. We’ll see how the third one goes!”

Image via @moonfrye, Twitter.

  • Lori

    She named her son LYRIC? Does she want him to get beat up on a daily basis?

    • https://twitter.com/KrissyL47 Krissy Willoughby

      Seriously? Her name is Soleil Moon Frye and she did quite nicely for herself. I think that it will be OK and the kid will be just fine.

  • Max Max

    Those aren't names they are nonsensical titles

  • sara

    You'll notice she gave her daughters just as strange names. Why would she give her older daughter the middle name of Joseph? It's not like an androgynous name, it's definitely a boys name

    • Joe Joe

      Not too shocking–her name IS "Soliel Moon Frye"– I'm more shocked that her hubby has managed to hold on to the name, "Jason Goldberg". On an unrelated note, she's managed to grow up HOT. Well, maybe not "unrelated", the so-called beautiful ones, tend to be a bit eccentric…..what us commoners call "Bat ^$*#" nuts!

  • ron

    What's with 4 names for all the kids?? Most people use first, middle and last.

    • pinkswimsuit

      Because they are special