Software 2006 Wrap-up

    April 6, 2006

I had the accidental honor of being the last speaker at Software 2006. So as I often do, I veered off of my showcase company presentation to point out how Socialtext is a conclusion of a theme.

Not only was Ray Lane and other first day speakers decidedly grokking enterprise social software, but the last panel of the second day had Toby Redshaw, the CIO of Motorola, revealing wikis and blogs as perhaps his most successful project. I wish someone took notes on the stats he threw out, but he viewed it as a bottom up initiative he sheilded from management until it was too late to pull the plug. They did it in house using open source, had incredible adoption rates (he noted the HCI has two metrics: adoption and turning novices into experts), called it a KM initative and it filled the gap between silos.

It was impressive that MR selected showcase companies that were exemplary of the themes on the main stage.

  • BDMetrics — CRM for tradeshows and events (helping people spend money to get people to spend money)
  • blinkx — Created a new form of contextual browsing and their new video search
  • ClairMail — Mobile applications platform, doing deployments as large as 20M users
  • Jotspot — Focused on SMBs with a strategy of rolling out applications through search direct marketing
  • Socialtext — launched Miki!
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