Sodus Boat Crash: Teen Charged for Drunk Boating

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Boating is a yearly pastime for many Americans during the Fourth of July. Drinking beer is also a popular activity during U.S. holidays. This week, a New York teenager discovered why boating and drunkenness don’t always mix.

According to a WHAM 13 report, 19-year-old Tyler Ocwieja was arrested Wednesday night after steering a boat into a break wall near the entrance of Sodus Bay. Sodus Bay is located on the south shore of Lake Ontario.

Ocwieja, who is from nearby Webster, New York, was reportedly drunk while driving the boat. Three other teenagers, ages 18 and 19, were in the boat with Ocwieja one of those teens was thrown over the break wall during the crash and was injured. That teen was treated for an ankle injury and Ocwieja was also treated for minor injuries. The other two teens were not injured.

Ocwieja has been charged for boating while intoxicated, reckless operation, traveling over five miles per hour near a shore, reckless endangerment, and refusing to take a breath test.

(Image courtesy Howard Owens under Creative Commons license)

Sodus Boat Crash: Teen Charged for Drunk Boating
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  • Jeanne

    If you can’t drink and drive on the road, what makes a person think he’s a better driver in the water? Will these drunken idiots ever learn that no matter what they are driving they do not drink and drive. UGH THINK PEOPLE

    • Jeanne

      OH that’s right, they don’t know how to think cause they are so drunk and being an idiot all at the same time.

    • http://www.webpronews.com nonbeliever

      it is easier, because you do not need to stay between the white line, hicup.

  • Volka Talking

    This is no big deal because people drink and/or smoke while boating in Florida.

    The ocean is big how can you hit anything.

    • Poni-Tay

      What an ignorant statement. We live in Florida, my husband is a licensed charter captain. We live on the water in Tampa Bay and fish, snorkel and cruise regularly. We NEVER take the boat out on a holiday because of all the drunk idiots that have no boat training. We have seen and read about way too many boating accidents. Irresponsible parents allow their kids to take their boats out without any formal training. There are channel areas, speed limits and endangered animals that idiots don’t heed to. A lot of the idiots are from out of state that they think there are no REGULATIONS to ABIDE to, disrespect other boaters. Maybe you should take a boating course to get certified to find out the MANY RULES of SAFETY!

      • Don

        Poni, the guy you are posting about is some young kid who has no brains.

      • tm

        I agree. This idiot driver of a boat should be executed! And if his parents have a boat, it needs to be taken away from them as well. Obviously his parents are idiots too.

  • Volka Talking

    He is a good White boy… Just drop the charges. No big deal. It would have been different if he was a dark Chocolaty Black Man.

    • Don

      Seems to me and I’m only assuming you are black, can’t help but making it a racial issue. And you say us white folks are racists?? Think again!

      • http://www.webpronews.com nonbeliever

        He is not black, he is just trolling.

    • Ed

      A dark chocolaty black man wouldn’t be on the water in the first place. Awww hell naw I ain’t gettin’ in dat thing! Sheeeeit!

  • Don

    They fail to mention that he should have been arrested for underage drinking. Story says he is 19, legal drinking age in NY is 21.

  • Ron

    As a former Navy quartermaster [navigator] I have seen a lot of idiots cutting in front of my ship while in San Diego Bay, some we missed by just a few feet. The ship that I was on was the USS Kitty Hawk an aircraft carrier that comes in at 85000 tons and over a thousand feet long. Needles to say any ship’s just can’t stop like a car.

  • Anonymous

    I was in classes with this kid in high school. Real a-hole and a notorious bully. It really gives me great joy to see how he’s doing just a year after graduating.

  • Reid

    “Boating and drunkenness don’t always mix” Drinking and operating any kind of motorized craft NEVER mix EVER. Or am I missing something ??

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