Society for New Communication Research Symposium

    September 27, 2006

Join us in Boston as we honor excellence in new communications and social media initiatives and celebrate our first anniversary!

The Society for New Communication Research has put together a great program for their first annual Symposium. If you are on the East Coast (and even if you aren’t!) you should be heading to Boston Nov 1 and 2.

Here are just a few of the sessions you won’t want to miss.

Best Practices in Corporate Blogging

Mainstream media is full of stories about corporate blogging. This past year the SNCR has researched the issue of corporate social media policies, In order to determine the effectiveness of blogging policies and how blogging policy adoption is working inside companies.

State of the Art in Social Media

This session will discuss the work SNCR Research Fellow Giovanni Rodriguez has done on the 33 wikis project, revisiting some of the changes over the past few months, plus early examples of what is happening with emergent behavior in organizations, as described on Corante’s Future Tense group blog.

Podcasts: Download or Broadcast – The Legal Implications

There is currently a significant vagueness regarding new communications law, particularly with regard to podcasting.

Is podcasting a digital download, a broadcast, or some new hybrid? The determination is key to determining who owns the rights and who has standing to sue another for violation of those rights. In the terrestrial plane, when a radio station spins records, it is considered a broadcast.

You can register here – if you tell them you heard about it on my blog I’ll get a discount.

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