Social Santa Will Tell You If You’ve Been Naughty Or Nice On Twitter

By: Zach Walton - December 2, 2013

I do not envy Santa Claus. Over the years, the big man only had to watch the actions of people in public to determine whether somebody was naughty or nice. With the advent of social media, he now has to be extra careful that seemingly nice people aren’t being naughty on Twitter.

To help him out with his job, UK-based Forrk in conjunction with A Social Media Agency have put together a new Web site called Social Santa. The site will analyze your social media account and let you know how many times you’ve used “naughty” words on Twitter over the last year.

Go on, try it out. I’ll wait, and then we can compare notes when you come back.

So, were you naughty or nice? Were you reminded of all the times that you dropped the f-bomb over the last year on Twitter? Personally, I was deemed naughty as the site claims I “swore a total of 49 times” over the last year. It would seem that f*ck is my favorite word among them with sh*t coming in at a close second.

Of course, the Social Santa app isn’t perfect. It will flag you for words like “porn,” “sucks,” and “sex,” even when they’re not being used in a negative context. Still, most people are going to be using foul language in their intended context on Twitter and this app works well enough to track that.

Oh, and you may be interested to know that the vast majority of Twitter users, 7,011 of them to be exact, were considered naughty. Only 2,952 users were considered nice, but I’m sure they would fall into the naughty list as well if Santa had access to their browser history. Let’s just hope Robot Santa never becomes a reality.

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Zach Walton

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  • JJ

    Most people who comment online are actually not very nice. When you read comments, there is a lot of hate. There is also a lot of mentally ill people and uniformed people commenting on things that they know nothing about. Personally, I think that nothing beats face to face interaction. People shouldn’t be able to hide behind keyboards. A lot of abuses happen then.

    A good example is the internet stings that we see on TV. There was this group called Perverted Justice. They claimed they were going after pedophiles. If you go out to their website, they post their information. The problem is that I work in a courtroom that had twenty of those cases. What Perverted Justice posted about people was very very selective. Some of it was outright lies. It was a complete distortion of what really happened in those cases.

    In one case, Perverted Justice made it seem that a guy was trolling the net looking for a young child. What Perverted Justice failed to tell everyone is that the “decoy” they used to entrap the guy had major mental illnesses, she was implicated in a major fraud scandal in California, she actually worked with another woman that never showed up to court, they pursued the guy for over a year, and invited him five times to meet. The chat conversations that they turned over to the police were done in Microsoft Word and they never turned over their own computers for analysis. That is scary because one of the women admitted in court that she would do her Perverted Justice entrapment activities around children. They also used a service called SpoofCard which allows for the altering of phone conversations. This is important because Perverted Justice only submitted the conversations from the day of the arrest. They did not turn over the conversations that happened during the year the decoys were trying to meet this guy.

    Having worked in court, I saw many child predator cases. Real ones with real people. Never did I see a real case where the victim pursued their attacker for a year and invited them five times to meet. I also never saw a victim invite an attacker to meet then move then reconnect with the attacker and invite him again to meet. Also, I never saw a victim who claimed to be a nudist and talk about wanting to sleep with older men. All these things the Perverted Justice representative did but you will never see it on their website.

    The really sad part is that the court wasted time on these Perverted Justice cases and the men went to prison. Meanwhile real child molestation cases were being ignored. In fact, shortly after the entrapment cases, there were two cases of molestation that came into our court. They could have been prevented if the police actually spent time working in the real world and not setting people up online.

    You have to be really careful with the internet. There is a lot of distorted information out there. A lot of people with serious mental illnesses and no expertise.