Social Networks, Not Just For Kids Anymore

Facebook is for old people, too

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From the outset Facebook was a bit more grownup than MySpace, which has been, at least according to Internet legend, the teen realm. But as of the end of 2008, grownups have pretty much raided all of the social networks.

Recently, one teen I know lamented that his friends at school preferred Facebook. “MySpace is better,” he said. “They let you customize your page and there aren’t as many old people there.”

He’s trying to lead a movement, but if and when he returns to MySpace he may be in for a surprise. According to Pew Internet and American Life, the number of adults using social networks as quadrupled since 2005.

And that means there are more adults using social networks than teens these days. Though 65 percent of teens are populating online networks compared to only 35 percent of adults, the number of people in the world over 18 is obviously much larger.

Don’t get those supposedly stuffy grownups wrong, though. They really take the “social” part of social networking seriously. Pew says adults use social networks primarily for personal reasons, like connecting with people they already know, and reserve business networking for where it belongs: at sites like LinkedIn.

Fortunately for the teens concerned about adult saturation, the bulk of grown up social networkers skew younger: 75 percent of the those ages 18-24 are networking, compared to just seven percent of those over 65.

But don’t expect that to last forever. Says one Kentucky-to-Atlanta transplant I know who has not yet embraced the online social network: “A friend of my parents died and, aside from the posting in the local paper, the family only sent out word via Facebook. And I’m like, is this the way it’s going to be? The only way I’m going to know if somebody dies is if I’m on Facebook?”  


Social Networks, Not Just For Kids Anymore
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  • http://www.e-commercewebdesign.co.uk Adam – Ecommerce Website Design

    I find a lot that information gets shared across Facebook, and I miss out on it as I’m not on Facebook. I think I’ll have to have an account one day but at the moment it’s not something I really want.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    Thanks, Jason! It is true that older…should I say, more mature users are on FaceBook these days.

    I typically use FaceBook for socially marketing my safety and security products and raising awarness for them. I’ve been around the block a few times and those I interact with have too. It’s a great place and it’s growing.


    • http://www.myspace.com/hiddenmanna2008 Stanley Mathis

      If we’re going to get our economy back up to snuff and running, again, someone had better vigure out how our social networking platforms can be utilized to connect with its ever so large growing matured audience, you know, those who when they see something, might purchase it online?

      That’s where Rupert Murdoch is taking MySpace, and it’s truly where the industry must go in pursuit of creating, again, a healthy economy and confidence in the consumer market. Combine relevant information, vidoes, and music with great consumer products at our social networking sites, while, of coarse, seeking a little romance, and the world might take notice? A pretty deep concept.

      Doing a lot of talking has never made money for a nation. Checkout how we’re trying to inspire you at:


  • http://www.allancarterphotography.com Hampshire wedding photographer

    I find it much easier to look at than Myspace, but then again I am in the ranks of the older population. I find its a good marketing tool and nice for self promotion.
    MySpace never appealed to me at all.

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