Social Networks And Job Seekers

    July 23, 2007

Job seekers are using social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn to attract attention of employers. Adecco, a workforce solutions firm, says job seekers can use the Web for a successful job hunt, while preventing social networks from hindering their search.

"Because social media and online job searching components are now part of the norm, candidates need to know how to benefit from the use of these tools in order to be successful in their search," says Bernadette Kenny, Chief Career Officer at Adecco.

"A job seeker’s personal posts on social media outlets, as well as their overall ‘persona’ on the Internet can harm their hunt for the perfect job – or they can turn it around and use these same tools to help them land a great position."

Some employers are searching the Web and performing background checks by using Google to search an individual’s name. An Adecco Workplace survey found that 66 percent of Generation Y respondents were not aware that private photos, comments and statements were examined by potential employers. More than half of the respondents do not feel that it is fair for the information they have online to be a factor in the hiring process.