Social Networking A Global Affair

Interests for many such sites greater abroad than in the US

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Depending on where you are, MySpace, Facebook, or LinkedIn may be the most popular destination for social networking.

Although LinkedIn has the perquisite Silicon Valley pedigree, its biggest appeal resides in Bollywood rather than Hollywood. MySpace finds the most fans in the US, while Turkey and Canada see more to like about Facebook.

The geeks at Royal Pingdom decided to get busy with Google Insights for Search, a new service from Google that drills into the search interest surrounding a topic.

They found that Friendster, seemingly all but forgotten in the US, enjoys interest in the Philippines. LinkedIn’s following in India likely reflects the site’s initial entry into the social networking space, along with the outsourcing of numerous tech jobs employing people with a keen interest in keeping connected.

LiveJournal’s popularity reflects its ownership. The home of thousands of online journals resides within the holdings of a big Russian conglomerate, far from its days as a Silicon Valley startup. Pingdom saw most searches for LiveJournal coming from Russia.

Looking at Google provides just one perspective, but given the predilection people have for plugging their interests into a search box, it may be showing some accurate insight into what people want as far as social networking brands go.

Social Networking A Global Affair
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    Great insight into the different social sites. Yeh Friendster did kind of drop out of everyting… I think that website started around the same time myspace did.

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    I agree with you. I think one of the factors that affects the global performance of the social sites is the degree to which it has been spammed.Social sites are very much vulnerable to spamming and the sites which combats it well gains popularity.See it on Digg…..

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    Very helpfull info it makes one understand which social site covers which market.

  • http://Healthybusiness.ning.com Chris

    How long did it take to write this article about 5minutes?
    Still not too bad – I would have liked to have seen a bigger list including sites like ning  –  to wet the buds a bit.

    Social networking is massive – and of cousre if a company starts in a loacality then it will attrct more of those people in that loacilty due to user instinct – the more people from a certain place the more exposure that place gets – it’s just snowballing around it’s concetrated user base.

    I’d like to see new sites open up in multiple locations using cross network hubs and "social circles" hell bent on launching REAL international sites.

    Some japanese site soon to release like – Sweetcron are going to be interesting also for people to keep up to date with information overload.

    Chrisping2 – aka – interslice/interslicer


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