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    November 1, 2006

Social Media seems to be a trend these days. Netscape just announced that they removed the whole sex channel from their website. That makes me feel a lot better actually and it’s at least a step towards a more cleaner frontpage.

From their blog:

    When we first relaunched Netscape back in July, our hopes were that the Sex Channel would be a place where we could discuss issues pertaining to sex and sexuality in the 21st century’s ever-shrinking world.

    We were naive.

    Unfortunately, the Sex Channel became a never-ending nexus of spam and porn. So we’ve killed the channel entirely, and very soon all the old stories that were submitted to the Sex Channel will disappear and any links out on Google or elsewhere that point you to them will direct you to a page explaining this tale of dreams shattered and innocence lost..

Reddit has been aquired by Cond Nast (they own Wired and others):

    We just received confirmation that Cond Nast, owner of Wired and other magazines/websites, acquired Boston-based Reddit earlier this morning, and will make the announcement later today. The price is not being disclosed.

    All four reddit employees will relocate from Boston to Wired’s San Francisco office and become part of Wired Digital.

Update on Reddit (from Michael’s article):

    The company has raised just $100k (all in summer 2005) and currently has an average of 70,000 daily unique visitors and 700,000 or so page views.

Google aquires JotSpot (and the update on Google’s blog):

    Our first order of business is to move JotSpot to Google’s software architecture. While we’re doing so, we’ve turned off new registrations. But if you’re interested, sign up for our waitlist and we’ll keep you posted.

So who will buy Digg ?



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