Social Media Sites Hitting Milestones Left And Right

Exhibit A: Networks account for over 10 percent of UK traffic

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This Christmas was a merry one indeed for many social media sites.  Fresh stats from Hitwise show that Facebook and YouTube accomplished some impressive things, while social networks as a group attracted an unprecedented amount of traffic in the UK.

Let’s start with that broad view.  Would you imagine that, during Christmas week, people were busy buying presents and looking up recipes and travel plans?  Well, perhaps they were.  But Robin Goad adds, "For the week ending 27/12/08, our Computers and Internet – Social Networking and Forums category accounted for 10.09% of all UK Internet visits, the first ever time it has passed the 10% threshold."

UK Social Network
 Social Media Making Record Strides In The UK
(Credit: Hitwise)

That’s not bad.  Then there are the more specific achievements to recognize, with Facebook also seeing a spike in traffic.  Goad writes, "Traffic reached a new high on Christmas Day 2008, when Britain’s most popular social networking site accounted for 1 in every 22 UK Internet visits.  With a market share of 4.65% Facebook’s traffic was up 69% on Christmas Day 2007, and it was the second most visited website after Google UK (8.63%)."

Finally, YouTube overtook Windows Live Mail for the first time ever, becoming the third most visited website in the UK.  This might not be as clear a victory for social media – email allows people to communicate, after all – yet it at least stands as a sort of Web 2.0 triumph.

A small disclaimer: expect social media to lose a little ground as people go back to work and stop catching up with friends and family.

Social Media Sites Hitting Milestones Left And Right
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  • http://randomplaza.com Richard Mongler

    I’ve heard most ISPs in the UK put all their users into 3 different IP addresses so if one person abuses the IP, all get blocked. The ISPs do that so they can censor people’s internets.

  • http://www.realstudio.ro RealStudio Webdesign

    If the tradition was to spend you holidays with your family, arround the table or watching TV, the “web 2.0″ generation is spending their spare time surfing the net … connecting with others. If you think about it, it’s really all in the Christmas spirit :)

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    Social sites are great for catching up with friends but I typically use it to socially market my safety and security web site. I had quite an increase in sales as a result.

  • http://www.toxindetox.com “Paul Michael

    Social media sites like youtube and facebook are great places to market your online business opportunity and to build relationships with other marketers.


  • http://www.translatenow.biz Frederick Mah

    Facebook allows all my freinds to receive last minute New Year Greetings from me even at the very last minutes. Wow!

    A great feeling being able to do the Count Down towards 2009 together with Super Poke app.

    Will try that again 364 days later.


  • http://www.foursquareinnovations.co.uk/ Chris

    Personally, I like to keep Facebook out of the Internet marketing equation – its a place to escape away from work – there has to be somewhere online where you can spend time when you clock out – turning off the computer is often a better idea though.

  • http://www.spacemybookface.com/ Spacling

    I’m online for most of the day, but I think traffic spiking on social networking sites on Christmas day is pretty pathetic for those that actually logged into a social network on Christmas.
    There are better things to be doing, particularly during Christmas than checking up on what someone’s status might be.
    Holidays may be the only time that we can unplug and go out to actually interact without a mouse and keyboard.
    Go out!

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    Christmas has always been strongly associated with socialising. Therefore, its hardly surprising that new forms of social interaction have been popular over the Christmas period. I don

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