Social Media Marketing Tips From SMX West

    February 12, 2009

Social media marketing can be extremely effective.  Compared to other advertising options, it can be extremely cheap, too, which is perhaps more important than ever.  So a session at SMX West focused on what’s new and how to succeed in this field.

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Chris Bennett
 Chris Bennett

Gab Goldenberg, the owner of SEO ROI Services, recommended building a following by means of piggyback distribution.  He supports the concept of guest content, too, suggesting that reputations and relationships will build on themselves.

If you’d rather take a more direct approach to attracting eyeballs, Goldenberg likes advertising techniques including video banners and text message opt-in lists.  Facebook ads, community ads, RSS ads, and the sponsorship of whitepapers or podcasts are on his list of approved ideas, as well.

Chris Bennett, the owner of 97th Floor, then stated that it’s important to know why you’re using social media.  Is it a matter of figuring out links, branding, or promotion?  Regardless, you’ll want to research by keyword, URL, industry, and niche, and he noted, "Social media is a visibility platform."

Next, Bennett gave some more specific tips, saying the "best stuff in social media is news and current events."  He pointed out that StumbleUpon is growing really fast, and recommended the Twitter marketing tool known as EasyTweets.

Content quality also matters, according to Bennett.  He said, "Having really good content can make up for having a shaggy account."

WebProNews anchor Abby Johnson contributed to this report.