Social Media Marketing Tips From SMX West

Consider Facebook ads, StumbleUpon, and EasyTweets

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Social media marketing can be extremely effective.  Compared to other advertising options, it can be extremely cheap, too, which is perhaps more important than ever.  So a session at SMX West focused on what’s new and how to succeed in this field.

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Chris Bennett
 Chris Bennett

Gab Goldenberg, the owner of SEO ROI Services, recommended building a following by means of piggyback distribution.  He supports the concept of guest content, too, suggesting that reputations and relationships will build on themselves.

If you’d rather take a more direct approach to attracting eyeballs, Goldenberg likes advertising techniques including video banners and text message opt-in lists.  Facebook ads, community ads, RSS ads, and the sponsorship of whitepapers or podcasts are on his list of approved ideas, as well.

Chris Bennett, the owner of 97th Floor, then stated that it’s important to know why you’re using social media.  Is it a matter of figuring out links, branding, or promotion?  Regardless, you’ll want to research by keyword, URL, industry, and niche, and he noted, "Social media is a visibility platform."

Next, Bennett gave some more specific tips, saying the "best stuff in social media is news and current events."  He pointed out that StumbleUpon is growing really fast, and recommended the Twitter marketing tool known as EasyTweets.

Content quality also matters, according to Bennett.  He said, "Having really good content can make up for having a shaggy account."

WebProNews anchor Abby Johnson contributed to this report.

Social Media Marketing Tips From SMX West
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  • http://protandimlongevity.blogspot.com/ Jaci Struwe

    The real key in social media marketing is to make sure that you are engaging your community in meaningful conversation. Spammers are found out and voted off the island early. One has to be earnest.

  • http://www.stepladders.uk.com Sid Bourn

    I get lots of news letter like the above by Doug Caverly but they all repeat the sme information on how good SMM can be but no one tells us precisely how!
    When is someone going to help the novice with it costing a fortune for a load of bad information.
    Sid at stepladders.uk.com

  • http://www.indiesurf.com Darren Tan

    I totally agree with the post here. But in order to fully obtain effective SEO. Time is also a fact as it takes a while before you can see the result.

  • http://poseidonprofit.blogspot.com Poseidon SEO, SEM, SMO

    Yes social media advertising could be an effective way to general more sales.

  • http://seoroi.com/about-seo-roi/ Gab Goldenberg

    To clarify, I meant that piggybacking on others’ distribution is what you do by writing guest content.

    Also, I can send along the deck/notes from my preso so you can fill in the info on Portals 2.0, a key strategy for sharing your content and getting a following.

  • http://www.top10spot.net Sean Robinson

    I agree with Chris that most people need to figure out ‘why’ they are going after social media. There are so many types of markets where it works well, yet many industries are still somewhat old school in the sense that buyers and sellers have not fully grasped what is available in social networks. Most of these types of companies are just now getting exposure to SEO as they realize their sites do not show up and indeed it takes resources and know-how to actually do something online as part of a marketing strategy.

  • http://songwritingtips.org/ How to Write a Song

    I agree with the post. But Time is definitely a good factor to get good results.

  • http://www.lightsonline.com/ home lighting

    Great post…The only things that I would add are that in social media timing and participation are everything.

  • http://www.bighaber.com haber

    it was educational about infographics, but you had me laughing all the way through. Great point on the traffic possibilities

    • http://www.kabin.com kabin

      Everyone was asking me to post them I think especially for the list

  • http://www.toyotacikmaparcalari.com toyota çıkma parça

    and the sponsorship of whitepapers or podcasts are on his list of approved ideas, as well

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