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Merits and Risks for Business Social Media

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Lee OddenBusinessWeek asks if Twitter is the Next Monster.com, which is an interesting question because at PubCon South, Top Rank Marketing‘s Lee Odden referenced a company that bought ads with Monster (and other places like it) but got better results from Twitter. With Twitter, it received both qualitative and quantitative results he said.

Wayne SuttonPerhaps this is indicative of social media marketing in general. In the same session, or "Super Session," if you will, Wayne Sutton of Social Wayne said, "social media is the online way of doing it the offline way." That’s an interesting way of putting it. As Odden says, it’s not direct marketing. It influences purchases down the line. Following are some various thoughts from speakers at the session, Odden, Sutton, Social Media Wiz Chris Brogan, and Reem Abeidoh of Social Impressions:

Chris Brogan:
If it’s just transactional sales, Twitter might not be best thing, but if you’re building relationships or multiple transactions, you need that relationship.

Reem AbeidohReem Abeidoh: Professional perspective may not directly bring in dollars, but can build awareness.

Reem Abeidoh: Identify where your customers are at, and that’s what social media really is.

Reem Abeidoh: It’s about being social – you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

Reem Abeidoh: Facebook is a great resource because you can have both personal and public relationships

On the Biggest Risks of social media for small businesses:

Lee Odden: Businesses need to have a strategy before going into it

Reem Abeidoh: You have to kinda avoid making mistakes online because it’s there forever.

On the Skittles Episode:

Reem Abeidoh: Almost genius… brave; started new trend and expects other companies to do it

Lee Odden: As a PR stunt, successful, but not in value; believes consumers want value

Wayne Sutton: It’s creative, but Pepsi is doing it better like what they’re doing for SXSW — they bring it to their own site.

Abby Johnson contributed to this report. Read more from PubCon South and stay tuned to the WebProNews Video Blog for exclusive interviews with marketing experts.

Social Media Marketing Thoughts from the Experts
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  • http://www.mlsalater.com Michelle Salater

    I completely agree with Chris Borgan’s comment that Twitter is an excellent place to build relationships or have multiple transactions. I use social media sites for promoting company events, building relationships, sharing information, learning about others in my industry, and more. I don’t sell anything because I don’t believe that’s the place to do it.


    Michelle Salater

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  • http://www.bje200xl.com/ Breville bje200xl

    If you are confident your company provides a product or service that is highly rated, then social media will probably give it a boost. But if there’s a flaw or something negative to say, then social media may unfairly damage your business reputation.

  • http://rnbsnprogram.com RN BSN Program

    No doubt is Twitter is a great tool for networking and building relationship, I’m still trying to keep up with all the noises. I mean how am I able to follow the non-stop streaming of tweets – without losing my sanity?


  • http://www.GrandmaGiftsOfLove.com Bea

    Interesting article. I use Twitter as a way to network with other like-minded individuals and companies. I learn a lot from them, find valuable information that I hope to share with my readers, and enjoy sharing information with others as well. It’s a good way to let others know that we are on the internet, and find out who else is on the internet. I have tried Facebook a little bit, but find it to be much more time intensive. Twitter works well for my purposes and is not as demanding, provided, of course, I put limits on how much time I spend on it. It can definitely be addicting :)

  • Guest

    It is so useful.Thanks.

  • http://www.reflexstock.com/search/business.html business photos

    Twitter is without a doubt a great socialing tool. It is also a great business networking tool, when handled with care!!

    However, there is a huge risk that corporate giants start flooding the tweets with annoying advertisements.

    Please twitter, don’t sell out – keep it real!

  • http://newpinkmobilephones.co..uk Pink Mobile Phones

    ‘social media is the online way of doing it the offline way.’

    This is where social media really does reprent the non-online way the world works and may be a way to properly monetize the social media sites

  • http://songwritingtips.org/ How to Write a Song

    I like the article. Social media marketing is an engagement with online communities to generate exposure.

  • Twitter-er

    Twitter is a fine site as a “supplement” for a company, but isnt the new monster.com When discussing it in depth, its really just another social networking site.

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  • Alexis

    I don’t believe twitter is a comprehensive enough form of communication for it to become the next Monster

    Rainbow Vacuum

  • Guest

    It is exactly the much needed one.

  • Linda Brooks

    I think Reem Abeidoh makes an excellent point about social media being able to help identify where your customers are at.

  • http://googlecashkit.org free google cash

    This is a great artical about merits and risks for Business Social Media
    I agree with Reem Abeidoh and even I feel Facebook is a great resource as we can have both personal and public relationships

  • http://4prescriptions.info Walmart $4 Prescriptions

    The growth of Twitter is unprecedented by any standard and it’s here to stay. It’s good to hear what the experts are saying about Twitter. It certainly gets my vote of confidence.

  • Guest

    It’s truly incredible to see the growth of social marketing & how quickly it has become the dominate form of advertising

    Rainbow Vacuum

  • Guest

    Social marketing is a great way to reach people. This is a nice way to reach the masses if you are an online marketer.

    Rainbow Vacuum

  • Udaiark

    Article is Good.Twitter is Best way to build the multiple relationships, Its going to play major role in Bussiness with Social Media Marketing.

  • http://vacuum-cleaner-supplies.com Raibow Vacuum

    Twitter as we know is a popular social website. The article has given one more dimension to it. It has given an insite of getting jobs or creating jobs in the Twitter, nice idea. :) Hope it will be implemented soon

    Rainbow Vacuum

  • http://www.bugaboochameleon.co.uk Bugaboo Chameleon

    Social Media like all the latest online ‘fads’ will always be abused. Especially by the so called online ‘gurus’ who are keen to make sure they are not left behind. So they create, promote products and services that help to teach 1,000’s more to abuse the power of SM. And now Twitter is no exception.

  • http://interestingjunk.net/ Ken

    Social Media Marketing is a good way to reach the large network. The info is great.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/figure-competitions-secrets figure competitions

    Twitter can produce amazing results if used correctly (ie. to build awareness and relationships first). If you’re just going to use it to spam your followers then you aren’t going to get the results you want.

    • http://hubpages.com/hub/walmart-eyeglassess Walmart Eyeglasses

      Couldn’t have agreed more! It does rock indeed.

  • http://tweeteden.com/ Pat Vojtaskovic

    Twitter has passed all the others, IMHO

  • woody

    Social media marketing is good channel for advertisers to promote their business. For eg, web comments. Advertisers can use tools like “commentino”, with the help of commentino writers, promote their products in right forums keeping forum discussion objective intact. This process also gives forum participants more choices on the business/products. For commentino details follow link.

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