Social Media – From Theory to Practice

    May 14, 2007

Just got this fantastic note from Wayne Thompson, who is the director of research at Technology Evaluation. Wayne was one of the 20+ participants at the San Francisco stop of the Social Media and CRM 2.0 workshop series.

Wayne writes:


Thanks again for having me at the CRM 2.0 workshop. I can’t believe how much I learned in those two days. The presentations were outstanding, and the interactions with you, Paul, and the other attendees greatly stimulated my thinking.

Here is a link to my first podcast

Let me know what you think.

Consider me another convert in the Church of CRM 2.0.

(Wayne, thanks for the good words and you’re very welcome! Thank you for spending the time with us. The podcast sounds great. We’re actually featuring it in the Naples session. Nice job!)

I have to say…it’s highly gratifying to see people like Wayne grabbing a hold of the reins and going from student to trailblazer in such short order. Now go check out his podcast, Project Management War Stories.