Snow in Israel: Pretty and Rare…but Dangerous

    December 15, 2013
    Aleyia Dixon
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It is snowing in Israel and everybody is tripping (& slipping) out.

Although Baby Jesus likely would approve of the scenery, it’s now becoming a bit dangerous for Jerusalemites.

On Friday, a snowstorm hit Israel and the initial joy of a rare snow appearance soon became a bit of a crisis. According to an Israeli newspaper, they have just experienced “the worst storm in decades.”

As power outages abounded in the freezing cold weather, the Israel Electric Corporation found it necessary to declare a nationwide state of emergency. Rescue teams quickly gained the monumental task of rescuing thousands of stranded travelers, and shelter immediately became necessary for hundreds of cold and hungry households.

Resulting flash floods have swept houses and people away–while there are no deaths reported, a man is missing and there have been some injuries.

The response has been efficient–volunteers are handing out food to anyone in need, the electric company is calling in emergency workers to repair felled power lines, and convention centers have been converted into shelters.

While some people are over it,

It looks like this Twitterling got his last year’s wish granted:

Kudos to the admirable effort from the Israeli government and citizens with preventing any deaths and assisting displaced individuals.

[image: twitter]

  • jerome sampson

    did they keep all the snow to sell water?

  • mohammad

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  • God of Heaven

    To Mohammad….the Land of Israel is NOT NAMED PALESTINE…The land of Israel was given to Jacob (renamed Israel) from the God of Heaven thousand of years ago…and, in the End of Days…the Jewish people will be restored to the land of Israel just before the Messiah will return…this is fact and the only TRUTH…you will see soon. Israel is God’s Property and does not belong to any other than God himself!!!

  • Response to Mohammad

    Comment on 12/15/13…saying the land is palestine..and, Israel does not exist…THIS IS A LIE. Both..the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible details the only TRUTH…the land of ISRAEL belongs to the only heirs..the 12 tribes of ISRAEL..and, the God of Heaven has the only authority to distribute this land…and, Palestinians…will NEVER have control over the land of Israel!!!

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