Snoop Gave the Best Answer in Reddit AMA History Yesterday

    December 6, 2012
    Josh Wolford

If you weren’t on reddit at any point yesterday, you missed a truly great AMA featuring Snoop Dogg Lion. Although his responses were mostly brief, Snoop took a lot of time to answer dozens upon dozens of questions on everything from music, weed, his shift to “Lion,” and video games.

There were a lot of gems to come out of the AMA, but with one response Snoop won the internet yesterday. He also proved that he is enough of an internet-lover to get a classic self-referential meme.

Here’s the Q&A:


Beautiful. Snoop gets it:



We also learned that Snoop smokes 81 blunts a day. I don’t really have words for that. You should go check out the AMA.