Snoop Dogg Wins Visa Battle, Cleared To Perform In Australian Tour Despite Protests

    January 16, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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It looks like rapper-actor Snoop Dogg will be heading to Australia after all! Despite relentless efforts to ban his entry into the country on account of his blatantly misogynistic lyrics, he has been granted an Australian work visa.

According to MSN Music, thousands of Australians actually signed the petition, which was a request to have the United States rapper’s visa revoked before to his upcoming tour.

However, it appears he cut the deadline rather close since the tour is scheduled to begin this weekend. Snoop is slated to perform as the No. 3 headliner for the Big Day Out festival, which is set to begin on Saturday, Jan. 19 on the Gold Coast in Brisbane.

While the news may be considered a relief for event organizers and promoters, the platinum-selling rapper’s appearance won’t receive any positive feedback from the Collective Shout group. 

The petition which was started by feminist Talitha Stone, has received more than 3,500 signatures in compliance with the request to have the rapper banned. On the Collective Shout website, the organization includes a letter addressed to the Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, asking him to, “revoke pimp rapper Snoop Dogg’s visa.”

“Snoop Dogg’s lyrics glorify violence against women,” the letter says.  “As a society which claims to be serious about eradicating violence against women,” the letter concludes, “there should be no place for recording artists who glorify misogyny and degrade women for entertainment. Welcoming artists like Snoop Dogg sends a message that we don’t take our obligations to address violence against women seriously.”

However, Morrison has informed reporters that Snoop does have a visa, reports Billboard. With the official clearance, it has been confirmed that Snoop will, indeed, be performing at the Big Day Out festival this Saturday.

The concert will then travel to Melbourne on the 24th, followed by a stop in Sydney on the 26th, and Adelaide on the 31st. The Australian traveling concert will conclude in Perth on February 1st.


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  • Wow … really?

    Radical feminists have been responsible for more of a social breakdown than Snoop Dog has ever dreamed of causing. Divorce is out of control and this is directly because of the illusion feminists sell women. Also, because of radical feminism there have been over 54 million abortions in this country. That is real damage done to real souls. Not some possible damage done by stupid rap lyrics.

    Go to an abortion clinic. Open the waste bags. See the little hands, fingers, and arms. You tell me there is not a victim. I dare anyone in favor of abortion to go open those bags. Here I will make it easy for all of you to see what an abortion looks like. Just put this in your browser.


    I am not condoning Snoop Dogg but honestly, feminism has killed more soul worldwide than anything. Hell, feminists have killed more women then all the wars of this world combined.

    • @Wow … really?

      Not to mention that suicide rates among boys have skyrocketed. Here is the reality to life. Anyone who is to extreme is crazy. Men need women and women need men. It is that simple. We have to find a way to get along. The radical elements on both side cause division and this division is tearing at the fabric of our society. America is in rapid decline and it will only rebound if men and women work together. God wasn’t stupid. He gave us each other for a reason.