SNL’s Djesus Uncrossed Sketch Prophesied by Reddit

By: Josh Wolford - February 18, 2013

ICYMI, Saturday Night Live aired a nice little sketch over the weekend called “Djesus Uncrossed,” which featured host Christoph Waltz taking on the role of revengeful Jesus Christ and going on a killing rampage to right the many wrongs done to him. That means plenty of dead romans, a really dead Judas, and more.

Christoph Waltz, Jesus, Tarantino-like violence. What’s not to love? As they say in the skit, it’s being hailed as a less-violent version of Passion of the Christ.

Check it out if you missed it:

Well, apparently someone at reddit is a time traveller – a couple of people, actually. Either that or SNL writers like to read reddit. It’s up to you to decide what’s really going on here.

Users in a week-old comment thread discussing an article about Quentin Tarantino’s plans to make a third film in the “revenge” trilogy (Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained) laid out the premise of the SNL skit days before it ever aired.

The top comment states “Maybe he’ll do a Jesus movie. Actually a Jesus revenge movie makes the most sense. Mel gibson would have a role too.”

Three responses down, a user suggests the title “Djesus Uncrossed.”

Adding to the coincidence, another user suggested that “Christopher Waltz would have to be Jesus then.”

After the SNL episode aired, other redditors came back to discuss the fulfillment of the prophecy. Some suggested that SNL stole the idea from reddit.

Are these redditors prophets? Time-travellers? Do the SNL writers read reddit? Is this all just a coincidence?

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  • dawg

    Those who disobey sharia should be made to watch and smell Mohammad (PBUH –pu!) the prophet RIPPING HUMONGOUS FARTS while VERY closely hovering over Allah’s face and then making Allah sniff the fetid smell until near unconsciousness.

    Then Mohammad (SAAW) revives Allah and made Her sniff again, over and over, and makes Her even swallow a few of the particularly stinky farts deep into Her lungs where they penetrate Allah’s pulmonary walls with the deadly, noxious fumes.

    Mohammad will not only TORTURE ALLAH with STINKY FARTS. He will torture YOU with his TOXIC FARTS some day, and put a FARTWA on your head.

    Be forewarned. Now. Why? Because satire of all religions is allowed by “progressives”–unless it’s satire of Islam. Then it’s “insensitive”–in contrast to the cockroach Islamists who destroy world heritage sites and stone women–sensitively.

    No hatred of Muslims here. But they have to accept satire that poke fun at their fantasy religion as the other fantasy religions have to accept satire of their fake philosophies.

    But don’t expect corporations like SNL to criticize Islam. SNL is too rich, too middle class, too white.

  • dawg

    So I post satire about Muhammad the prophet farting into Allah’s face and you censor it, but you celebrate a satire of Jesus murdering people (as SNL should be free to satirize Jesus all it wants)?

    You guys are a bunch of hypocritical poseurs. This atheist realizes that the progressives are just as hypocritical as the Tea Party types.

  • Joanne DeStefano

    How dare you mock Jesus….this is so disgusting and I am totally fed up with this double standard muslim loving country….I lothe obama for taking our Christian country and making it a violant muslim brother hood country…He should be punished

    • Carmen Gonzales

      Last I checked, President Obama didn’t write for SNL. Christians preach forgiveness, yet you “loathe” the POTUS for supposedly single-handedly changing us all into Muslim lovers? And how exactly would you “punish” him? You sound like a ridiculous hypocrite.

  • Kay

    Forget reddit. These guys made a Djesus Uncrossed trailer that came out before SNL put theirs out