SNL YOLO Video Receives Twitter’s Approval [Video]

    January 28, 2013
    Chris Crum
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It seems that one of many recipes for viral success these days is to play off of an already viral phenomenon. Of course, it helps if you have the broadcasting power that comes with that of Saturday Night Live. This past weekend’s show was hosted by Adam Levine, who participated in one of the classic-to-some digital shorts.

The video would be YOLO, and features, in addition to Levine, comedy troupe The Lonely Island (which includes SNL vet Andy Samberg) and rapper Kendrick Lamar:

The video has the web abuzz here on Monday morning, and people all over Twitter are talking about how hilarious it is.

  • DJ G-Raw

    YOLO was created by Drake. No one has recreated anything

  • Uriah

    I laughed so hard at this Digital Short, so it’s no wonder it’s all over Twitter. It was good to see Andy Samberg back on the show. Some of the skits were crazy, but they still gave me a good laugh. I was working late at DISH on Saturday night, so I didn’t get to see Levine or Kendrick Lamar perform. Knowing that I would be there, I set up my DISH Hopper DVR to record the show so I didn’t miss it entirely. I like that I never have to worry about deleting any SNL episodes off of my DVR since it stores about 2000 hours of my shows and movies.