Snap Adds Suggest

    April 19, 2005

John Battelle reports that Bill Gross’ excellent search engine now has a suggest feature, where as you type, it suggests possible searches.

Two things it does differently froom Google Suggest:

  1. Its suggestions aren’t limited to the beginning of a search term. For example, type “airline”, and the top results are “southwest airlines”, “american airlines”, and “united airlines”. Google would just show searhes starting with airline (like “airline tickets” and “airline network”.
  2. Snap shows you the number of people who searched for a particular term, as opposed to the number of search results. As we’ve learned time and again, the number of search results is a pointless statistic. One thing that’s cool? Before you type in anything, you see the most popular searches on Snap. Number one? eBay, followed by Google, then Yahoo.

One suggestion I’ve got for Snap: Shrink the huge image advertising the suggest feature. Its too big!

Referenced link: Snap Does Suggest One Better

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