Snail Mail Stamps Suddenly Hot Online Business

    July 19, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Two Internet companies have begun to roll out services where users can customize postage stamps.

Before this week, you may not have heard of Zazzle, or might have encountered CafePress at sites wishing to merchandise themselves. Now, both companies want you to customize your postage stamps through new services they offer.

Users can upload images for use on stamps, and display them horizontally or vertically. Images must comply with appropriate use guidelines for either service, which precludes the use of copyrighted images among other types of pictures.

Snail Mail Stamps Suddenly Hot Online Business

The offering from CafePress actually partners them with The program will extend the merchandising properties available to its users. CafePress says its customized stamp product is in an alpha testing phase and will be available in August.

Zazzle, with backing from the same firm that helped a certain search engine get started, plans to offer exclusive images from Disney and Pixar. Those images will be available soon.

A sheet of 20 customized stamps from either Zazzle or CafePress costs $16.99, with shipping starting at $2.99 for standard delivery of up to nine sheets of customized postage.

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