SMX West: Yahoo To Launch Open Search Platform

    February 27, 2008

Amit Kumar of Yahoo spoke about the company’s plans to create an open search platform to allow site owners to provide their most relevant content to searchers.

SMX West: Yahoo To Launch Open Search Platform
  Amit Kumar

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He said users want to get things done and go from "to-do" to "done." He said site owners want more control and that the open platform gives you access to structured data to map, create a rich user experience and make it available.

Yahoo’s open search platform will give users blended search results, which will be almost, like a mini site.

The most positive feature of the open search platform is that it will give users control of personalization. Users will be able to enhance results from sites they trust and be able to turn off enhancements from sites they don’t trust.

 The new open Yahoo Search platform is scheduled to launch in the next couple of months. You can receive updates on the progress by visiting the site here.