SMX: Link Building Techniques

    June 3, 2008

In the "Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques" at SMX Advanced in Seattle, Roger Montti, founder and owner of spoke about link building techniques.

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He focused on. EDUs and said to look at what industry heavyweights are doing and find charitable opportunities.  To find the heavyweights look for the top spenders on AdWords for a query and check their backlinks.

".EDUs are not a magic bullet for your rankings," Montti said and they are not special but get them if you can.

Jay Young, owner of Link Fish Media said to build links you need, "brass balls and big bucks." He said there is no place for fear in link building.

He recommended getting links from directories, best of the web, Yahoo, DMOZ, Joe Ant and Blog Catalog. Other places to get links are from non-profits. They are arguably editorial, tax deductible, in a good neighborhood and help a good cause.  You can get more links by joining SEOcialists, Digg, Reddit and Stumble.

Use big name text link brokers, blog advertisers, smaller brokers, specialty brokers and amateur brokers. Find them and use them it pays off. The majority of the time its money not wasted.

When it comes to link bait he said to, "Call Rand." "At the end of the day, we are not in this for morality, we are in this for marketing," Young said.

Buy links because they are vital for the success of a competitive campaign. Be relevant and natural, vary your anchor text and use co-citation.

Darker methods to build links include comment spam done manually, trackback spam, reciprocal links, three ways and link farms.

Things to do outside the box include using widgets, templates, template sponsorship, contests like offering a free iPhone and content trades.

Other tips offered by Young include hiring a bartender as a link builder because they have a good work ethic, are quick thinkers and good multi-taskers. Avoid buying links from forums, use moderation and common sense.

He puts up a slide of Matt  Cutts with a caption that reads, "Stop being afraid of this guy." He says to "do what makes sense for your company, if that means you have to buy links, do it."