SMX East: Tools, Glorious Tools

    October 8, 2008

In the session "Tools, Glorious Tools" the speakers discussed different tools to consider for search marketing.

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Ken Jurina, President, Epiar, spoke about Firefox extensions. Jurina said they work right in your browser and are quick, powerful and free.

Other tools he recommended included SpyFu, which gives insight into PPC/ organic insight. Browershots displays what a site looks like in a variety of browsers.

Google Insights for Search flags phrases by topic, brand, and category you want to rank on. There is a breakout tool area that displays phrases that spike in search frequency that can help in keyword search.

Time Fox is a time tracking tool that will help you with productivity. Epiar Marketview allows you to datamine and analyze keyword research, but it is not free.

Debra Mastaler, President, Alliance-Link, spoke about tools for link building. Xenu’s Link Sleuth checks for broken links and verifies normal links, images and frames.

Link Valet does the same but doesn’t require a download. For authority links try the Langreiter tool or GoogleGuy.

HubFinder compares the back links of 2 or more sites and points out their co-occurring bank links.

Back link analyzers include SEO Elite and PR Prowler, which are paid tools.

Both SEO Link Analysis and Link Diagnosis are Firefox extension that gather page rank information. "You can’t control who links to you, but you can control who you link to," said Mastaler.

Domain tools like creates RSS feeds for sites that don’t have them and provides users with content and services through widgets, RSS, Google gadgets and many more.

Mastaler says to, "Just find a set of tools that you are comfortable with and use themeveryone won’t be the same."

Stephan Spencer, President, Netconcepts, says is good to use because you can go to any URL and see what the spider sees. allows you to compare a search term using a search engine and compare it with another search term. has expensive tools but are worth it.

Woopra is very new and allows you to see the traffic coming to your site in real time.

Robot Replay is a tool that lets you paste JavaScript and it records the mouse movements as the users navigate your site so you play those back and see how users move the mouse around.

WebProNews Video anchor Abby Johnson contributed to this report.