Social Media Week Conference Kicks Off Today

    February 13, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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Social Media Week (SMW) kicks off today. The week-long conference spans 12 cities around the world and encompasses over 1000 events in places like Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington, DC.

News about SMW is easily had on Twitter using the following handles and hashtags:

Hamburg: @SMWHamburg & #SMWHamburg

Hong Kong: @SMWHK & #SMWHK

London: @SMWLdn & #SMWLdn

Miami: @SMWMiami & #SMWMiami

Paris: @SMWParis & #SMWParis

San Francisco: @SMWSF & #SMWSF

Sao Paulo: @SMWSP & #SMWSP

Singapore: @SMW_SG & #SMWSg

Tokyo: @SMWTok & #SMWTok

Toronto: @SMWTo & #SMWTo

Washington DC: @SMWWDC & #SMWWDC

New York: @SMWNYC & #SMWNYC, with major events at #SMWBusiness, #SMWBigFuel, #SMWHealth, #SMWHearst, #SMWJWT, #SMWReuters

There are also teams dedicated to blogging the events of each location so you can keep up with the entire event:

Get the RSS feed or check in every day to see the highlights: Global, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Miami, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, and Washington DC

Plus there is a mobile app available to help you keep up with all the goings-on at SMW. It is available on 5 platforms and in 6 languages. You can follow the feeds of all cities and they global team, as well as getting the latest social and digital news from The Guardian. You can also access livestream, locate event venues and register for new events- all in one place. Download the mobile app at this page.

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