“Smash” Canceled: Twitter Reacts

    May 13, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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The once-promising NBC drama “Smash”, about a cast of Broadway actors and dancers, has officially been canceled by the network.

The show was much-hyped before its first season and brought in almost 12 million viewers, a staggering amount for a musical drama. But after a nine-month hiatus, the show just couldn’t hold onto its viewers. The numbers dropped to 4.5 million for the second season and ratings plummeted, sending the network bosses into a frenzy.

The show, which stars “American Idol” alum Katharine McPhee and Anjelica Huston, will finish out the second season on Saturday nights.

  • Gary

    Ive never heard of smash. It came and went and i never noticed it at all. I can understand the liabilities tho. To much Crashing raised their insurance rates.

    • http://YAHOO BRIQUE


  • Gary


  • joe

    Here’s a big surprise…the idiot society we live in would not be able to digest this…NBC, what a mess.

  • Geri Kessler

    Smash was my very favorite program on TV! I cannot believe it is going to be cancelled! There are a lot of other programs that need to be cancelled but not this one, PLEASE!

  • priceless22

    I truly LOVE Smash! Finally a good show on NBC!
    Some people don’t know a good thing when they have it.

    Please…Cable..pick up this show!

  • LBMill77

    Such a shame:( Loved that show! But in typical network fashion, after season 1 it was off the air far too long, then when it came back it kept getting moved around and/or pre-empted….another good show bites the dust:(

  • D

    Maybe TNT will pick it up like they did Southland. The cable folk seem to understand storytelling…..

  • charlotte

    I loved SMASH! It was a great show but would have been wonderful had it not had so much homosexual contact in the movie. If I had young children they could have never watched it! Nothing against gays and lesbians personally but I don’t want to watch it on TV!

  • Barrett

    Sad news, indeed. An excellent show, with moments of brilliance, so of course it has to go. This, and “Downton Abbey,” truly raised the bar. Couldn’t some cable network pick it up and somehow continue? I feel that’s been done sometime before, but can’t recall the details now. Well, at least I will buy the DVD.

  • yung duck

    Glad smash is cancled. Terrible show with terible aktors. NBC sucks by tha way!

    • Rachelp.

      What sucks is your spelling and grammer thug life! Lol…go to skool.

  • mandy_Reeves

    Such a shame! It was a fabulous, lush, torrid romp through the great white way’s backstage. Shows like this and Downton Abbey and food network shows, balanced out my viewing diet of Gypsy wedding shows, honey boo boo’s and Housewives and kiddie pageants…

  • SDune

    I can’t believe this! The season started out a little slow, but now it’s getting really good–not fair. :(

  • C. P. Pie

    “The New Normal” got it last week. NEXT……………GLEE.

  • Rachelp.

    NBC has no clue as to what its viewers want! They promote Smash big time then leave us waiting for what seems like forever waiting then CANCEL the show!?!? You people must push a panick button every time there’s a bump in the road!! AND still you wonder why ratings are not on top any more! Lol….I think I’ll call it the curse of Ann curry!

  • Jean

    So sad that SMASH is being cancelled. The networks set it up for failure. Too long a hiatus then moving its time slot. They do it every time. The show was getting better and better. It was to see Broadway showcased for a change. You lose NBC and so do we.

  • Ann

    I loved this show and am so sorry it was cancelled. Megan Hilty was fantastic. Katherine McPhee was not suited for this part. She doesn’t have pipes for Broadway and is a terrible actress and dancer!!

  • Nikki

    This is sad news!!! I just downloaded the first season and I LOVE it!!! I actually just posted on my Facebook page that SMASH is my new fave show… Then someone responded and said “too bad it was cancelled tonight” :( Finally a really amazing show, with amazing talented actors/actresses and now it’s over :( DISAPPOINTING!!!

  • Patricia Davis

    WHAT HORSE SHIT!!!!!!! It seems like every time a great show is finally put out there it gets cancelled. My daughters and I loved watching this show together….

  • Lainie

    I am so disappointed that Smash is cancelled! I just started watching the show this season, and it’s over. Thanks NBC. :(

  • Dustin

    I loved smash. I hated they were on Saturdays this season. I never missed an episode. I hate it. Please make a season 3!!

  • sctaylor

    I cannot believe they canceled SMASH! SOMEONE PLEASE PICK IT UP!

  • cindy hamilton

    please some network pick this up Its good TV enough of the reality bullshit. its good music, good story fun to watch Hey oprah did you like it How about on OWN