Smart TVs Expected to be in Sales Majority in China


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At this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), TV manufacturers focused on two features that they hope will sell their devices in the stagnating TV market. One is ultra HD (UHD) TV, an increased resolution that is predicted to become popular, but only when prices for UHD displays drop for the consumer market and a corresponding wealth of 4K content is available to those same consumers. The other feature is smart TV integration, a concept whose time seems to have come and one that could prove very popular in markets that analysts predict much of the tech industry's growth will come from in the next decade.

According to a new DigiTimes report, over half of the TVs sold in China this year are expected to have smart TV capabilities. This includes access to streaming on-demand video and other online-enabled features directly through television sets using an internet connection.

DigiTimes' unnamed "market observers" stated that around 60% of TVs sold in China during 2014 will be smart TVs. The report's sources believe that the added features will help push smart TVs over normal HD displays now that more streaming content is entering Chinese markets. TV manufacturers are now making deals with content providers to make smart TVs a better value proposition.

The report's sources also mentioned that UHD TV will play a greater role in China during 2014. However with streaming content just taking off in China, it seems it might be some time before consumers will be willing to give up their new smart TVs for even newer UHD displays.

Image via Hisense