Smaller Barriers to Increase Conversion Rates

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Every online business is focused on their sales conversion, or so I hope. Unfortunately the average online conversion rate is around 3-4%.

So why is it that our website visitors, who show interest in our product/service leave without placing that order? Few reasons; one of them is because websites make people jump over big barriers. Here is what I mean

Have you ever visited a website that would ask you to register first before you can even understand what they do? That’s a conversion barrier right there.

Did the site offer a service you were kind of interested in but their starting price was just too much to bare considering that you were not even sure how much you needed it? Another conversion barrier.

Oh, how about those websites that start asking you 20 questions before they show you their “valuable” content? Conversion barrier again.

You want to view a live demo of our product? You have to give us information (register) before we can tell you about it. Barrier again !

Look the bottom line here is stop building barriers around your website. If you offer a $700 service why don’t you offer a $100 starter package? Or how about a free 14 day trial? Websites have to “give” first, only then can they ask to “receive” or else the only thing they’ll be seeing is the clicking of the BACK button on the consumer’s browser.

You might say that your focus is on people who can AFFORD what you have to offer. Or you might even say that you target the “players”. Nevertheless, people are skeptical about things unknown.

Web marketers are eager to separate the qualified buyers from the ones who are not, but you’ll be surprised how many qualified buyers are turning around simply because your starting point is just too high to start with. Adjust and modify your site and offer to start with little or no barriers for higher conversion.



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Igor Mordkovich is an in-house marketing director for a NYC based online company. He also writes a personal blog on search marketing and advertising.

Igor’s Blog: http://www.bizmord.com/Blog

Smaller Barriers to Increase Conversion Rates
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