Small Businesses Don’t Get PPC Matching Options

    May 2, 2007

Now that I am back in the office after a short hiatus due to my new baby, things are picking up again. I have looked at 6 small business PPC accounts in the last two days for potential clients. Not one of them had anything but broad match in use. Almost no negative keywords existed in any of the ad groups or campaigns. Also every single one of them had content targeting turned on which was performing terribly and sucking up some major budget.

When I propose PPC to many clients 6 times out of 10 I get some push back. Typically they say they’ve either directly had a bad experience with PPC or someone they know has had a bad experience. I now know where these bad experiences originate. While I don’t doubt there are people touting PPC management services out there that also don’t know what they are doing, self managed PPC campaigns can be a disaster.

People I am hear to tell you that PPC can work. It probably won’t work if you spend 10 minutes learning about it, or if you use the starter edition of Ad Words. You need a professional to manage your campaigns. I manage small and large PPC campaigns and I make it very affordable to small businesses. If you don’t use me, please use somebody. There is traffic to be captured out there, and money to be made. Don’t leave it on the table for your competitors!